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Upcoming Hotfix to Arcane Power on Crit(1)Category: WizardMarch-11-2013 9:57 AM PDT (6 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
During the development of patch 1.0.7, a Wizard bug relating to Arcane Power on Crit was introduced when we fixed a bug that was causing Blizzard to not proc it at all.

The good news is, as of patch 1.0.7, Blizzard can now trigger Arcane Power on Crit! The bad news is, by fixing the bug with Blizzard, we introduced a new bug that was causing Archon: Disintegration Wave, Disintegrate, Energy Twister, Meteor, and Ray of Frost to trigger Arcane Power on Crit twice per proc rather than once per proc, resulting in a higher than normal proc rate. We plan on fixing this bug very soon, and wanted to give you a heads-up about it.
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