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AH Errors' 31048 and 0 - Updated 3/18/13(1)Category: Bug ReportsFebruary-19-2013 2:36 PM PST (6 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
[UPDATE 3/18] Thanks for everyone’s patience while we've investigated the issues regarding errors 0 and 31048. I know that these bugs have caused a lot of player frustration, and the process of figuring out, fixing, and testing the bugs took longer than we would ideally like to see. The multiple bugs causing Error 31048 and 0 were complex, but we have managed to zero in on what we believe will fix these issues.

With the 1.0.7a patch, we deployed a partial fix. This fix corrected a problem where some players were erroneously receiving the wrong error (0) instead of the correct error (31048). After the patch, players no longer receive Error 0 and instead receive the correct error (31048) when the bug is encountered.

We have now completed fixing and testing the rest of the issue -- the error 31048 itself -- and we are currently scheduled to deploy this fix with tomorrow morning's (3/19/13) maintenance. If you continue to experience this problem after tomorrow's maintenance, please post on the forums to let us know.

We are very sorry for the inconveniences these errors have caused and once more thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


There are active investigations as to all of the causes of these errors, and we are working as fast as we can to deduce and fix any possible causes for these errors. We're aware that a good number of posts on this forum specifically have been posted regarding these issues, but I just want to put this post up here to make sure you all know that we are looking into fixing them asap.

I cannot give specific times as to when these fixes will be implemented and/or patched/hotfixed into the game. Please do not post asking for updates on the progress of fixing this issue. I will keep you updated as often as possible as to the statuses of these issues.

Thanks everyone for the reports!
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AH Errors' 31048 and 0(2)February-19-2013 3:41 PM PST (6 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
To update players on what we know so far regarding these errors, we've been able to reproduce this issue in one specific way:

1. Post 10 items on the AH, then cancel them. Repeat this 3 more times so that there are 40 items in the completed auctions tab.
2. Post exactly 9 more items on the AH, then cancel them.
3. Try to post another item.
4. Player gets Error 0 for future listing attempts.

This will also produce "Bid Failed. (Error 31048)" when you attempt to bid/buyout an item.

We've found that if we do not cancel the auctions at #49 first and instead just post right up to 50, we don't get error 0. We just get the typical communications associated with reaching the item cap, and posting items in the future presents no issues.
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AH Errors' 31048 and 0(3)February-20-2013 2:03 PM PST (6 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Possible workaround

Please note that this workaround is unconfirmed and has not been verified by anyone at Blizzard. I've only read reports from other players on the forum that this has worked for some of them.

1. Clear out all open/active auctions you have.
2. Clear out all items from your completed auctions tab.
3. Possibly relog (some users needed to, some didn't)

Again, this may not work for you, but some people have reported that it's worked for them.
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