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World First 100% Achievements!(1)Category: GeneralFebruary-12-2013 6:04 PM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Well okay, maybe not world first. But! 100% achievements nonetheless! :D

Finally, I have done basically "all there is" to do on Diablo 3.
Congrats to Insect#1546 for finishing along with me and thanks to everyone on the thread below.

Screenshots for proof:



Now before anyone says "You're missing one achievement in hardcore!"
Blizzard broke our achievements (again). Screenshots below showing that all of the checkmarks are there, but the achievement was not rewarded.



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World First 100% Achievements!(30)February-21-2013 4:57 PM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Congrats on your achievement gathering Origin, Insect, and everyone who has strived for the glory of each and every challenge Sanctuary has to offer! It takes quite a lot of dedication to earn so many prestigious Diablo III achievements. :)

In terms of ”broken” achievements, I wanted to assure you that we are actively investigating those little buggers, and we’re hoping to hotfix a number of broken achievements just as soon as we can. Until then, keep up the fantastic work!
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