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...there are some things I think everyone should consider.

But before I get into that, I figure some background on myself might be in order. I have some good experience in playing games in hardcore mode. I played D2 for years, and had probably 10 hardcore characters over level 80, and honestly I can't say that I had more than like 5-10 deaths total. I had stopped playing right before the patch that added the ubers and respecs, so what I refer to when speaking of diablo 2 is all before that patch. I also was the first person in the world to get a max level blademaster on elite hardcore mode in hellgate london.

Differences between D2 and D3 that relate specifically to regular vs hardcore

1. D2 for many players was all about making a bunch of different characters, and trying out different builds. There was minimal endgame content that was fun or challenging. Although I know a handful of players liked to pvp, or try to get on the ladder. D3 will be the opposite. There really is no incentive to play the same class more than once, and there will be a ton of challenging and fun endgame content. Most non-hardcore players will play through the game at most 5 times. This is something important to consider. Dying in hardcore mode in diablo 2 just gave you an excuse to try to build a character another way. But in D3, playing a character in hardcore over and over might not be as interesting if each play through is more or less exactly the same.

2. No more instant game exits, instant town portals, potion spamming, or out running every monster in the game. For me, these are great improvements to the hardcore experience. They make the challenge more real. However, there will be a ton more deaths, I think a lot more than most people expect. Imagine doubling the difficulty of diablo 2 and playing hardcore on it without ever upgrading your belt, never activating run, never exiting game quickly, or rushing into a town portal. Also, imagine every boss battle is like Duriel where you can't run out.

3. If you die in HC in D2, you probably made a mistake or were under-geared. In D3, I think some deaths will be almost unavoidable. It doesn't matter your gear or skill level, if for example, you are playing a wizard and when you open a door a pack of monsters teleport in, instantly stunlock you, and you die without being able to move. Are you OK knowing that bad luck alone has killed your character?

4. In D2 each difficulty was the same but the monsters scaled. So, if you beat the game in normal mode, there would be no surprises with monsters. In D3 monsters gain new abilities in later difficulties (especially nasty ones apparently). And speaking of nasty monster combos, there weren't that many to avoid in D2. Obviously, multishot lightning enchanted stands out as one of the few. I imagine depending on your character, there will be many very deadly combos to watch out for (like jailer/grenadier for ranged characters).

5. No RMAH in hardcore (yet). Not really looking into getting into a debate whether good or bad. For me I am not sure. In regular mode I like the idea of making money by playing a game(although probably wouldn't be much), but I think not having a RMAH would make for a better overall experience for myself.

6. Most non-level 60 items in regular mode will carry little to no value. In hardcore, great items of all levels will carry value. For example, a great level 20 bow could help a DH player level between 20 and 30 countless times in hardcore mode.

7. D3 has enrage timers. Going for a super defensive build in hardcore mode might not work if your DPS is too low. Balancing offense and defense will be very important, and extremely difficult and will cause players to have to walk a very fine line between success and failure on an almost constant basis. Some encounters might even require you to drop your trusty shield.

8. Long cooldowns have been introduced, which might make for a much slower pace in hardcore mode. For example, imagine the only way for you to farm act 1 of inferno with complete safety as a barb is to open each encounter with earthquake and berserkers wrath. So, you have to wait a minute and a half between each little encounter.

9. Time investment. For these reasons, and many others attempting to get into late game content in Diablo 3 on hardcore will take significantly more time. To those that have grown up on the Diablo series, we are 10-15 years older now. For myself, and I am sure many, I don't have as much free time in my life. Are you willing to potentially never experience some of the challenge and fun of the late stages of inferno by only playing hardcore?

In the end, this is just a game and you just have to ask yourself which mode will give you the most satisfaction and enjoyment. Best of luck to all you hardcore maniacs rolling into hardcore right after getting level 10. I hope to join you, but not without first making it to inferno on a softy.
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