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Players participate in Seasons for a variety of reasons, and similarly approach Seasonal gameplay in a variety of different ways. Some prefer to take their time, leveling up heroes at a more moderate pace and savoring the fresh start each new Season affords. Others live for the race and push for 70 right out of the gate, eager to hunt down new Conquests, Legendary items, and other Seasonal rewards as fast as nephalem-y possible. 

For those of you who have a need for speed and can't wait to hit max level in Season 3, Rhykker has a guide just for you. 

In his "Pro Tricks" guide, Rhykker shows you the exact route he'll be taking with his Wizard to hit the level cap quickly once Season 3 begins. The strategies he recommends – like farming Cursed Chests or leveling in areas like Halls of Agony 3 – are a great refresher for those who have speed-leveled before, and a fantastic resource for those who are new to the playstyle. Best of all, his tactics are largely adaptable to any class and gameplay mode, so no matter what you're looking to level, you'll be able to do so with ease and efficiency.

Be sure to visit Rhykker's YouTube page for even more guides!

In addition, you'll also learn a few tricks to help you save precious time on the road, like planning which runes you'll use in advance so you're not stuck comparing tooltips (when you could be killing everything in sight instead). Rhykker even goes over which stats to worry about as you level, which Follower to use, and which gems provide the best bang for your buck gold. 

Different players are going to have different goals for each Season, and deciding which ones are worth pursuing is all part of the fun. For all the speed demons... er, nephalem... out there hoping to race through the early parts of Season 3, we hope you found the above guide useful. 

While we're at it, did you take away new tips from the video above or notice any that were missing? And are there any suggestions you'd make to someone new to speed leveling? Be sure to share your tips with your fellow players in the comments!

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