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As players explore new builds in each patch, a handful of favorites often rises to the top. While there are lots of great guides out there already that describe these popular play styles, Deadset Gaming's recent video series goes a step further in exploring which builds people love in patch 2.1.2, as well as what makes them tick.

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Aside from covering the basics, like skill and gearing choices for each build, his discussion gets into the nitty-gritty details behind them – like why Pillar of the Ancients is the best rune for a Wave of Light build, or the nuances of using some passives on the Marauder Demon Hunter build over others.

Best of all, while his videos dive into the specifics behind each play style, they never become so bogged down in the minutiae that they become inaccessible to newcomers. At the same time, they're rich with information, making them an equally helpful resource for veterans of these builds.

Raekor Barbarian:

Deadset's guide to the Raekor Barbiarian covers the Physical and Fire variations of the build, a few other variant builds, plus several other things you can tweak or adjust about this play style depending on your preferred gameplay mode. 

Condemn Crusader:

The Condemn build has proven quite popular among those who play the Crusader. This guide highlights important considerations on which Primary skill to use, as well as your options for passive and crowd control skills, among other important details. 

Marauder Demon Hunter:

The Marauder (or "M6") play style has two variations based on Cold or Fire as the dominant element. Resource management is important  regardless of which element you choose. Thankfully, Deadset covers this as well as considerations for both passives and weapons.

Wave of Light Monk:

The revamp of the Legendary bracers Gungdo Gear is proving to be a lot of fun for Monks playing in Season 2. If you've been wondering how to maximize your damage with this item, and how to support it with the right Legendary and Set items, this guide is for you.

Jade Witch Doctor:

Among the more unusual play styles (even for the exotic Witch Doctor), this build involves laying damage-over-time spells down on enemies and nuking them with Soul Harvest. Deadset's guide for this build includes important gear considerations and detailed mechanical explanations.

Firebird Wizard:

Building up damage-over-time spells and playing keep-away with enemies is the focus of this build for the Wizard. Learn the exact mechanics of the unique set bonuses that power this build, gear and skill considerations, and tips for staying alive in the video below.

If you liked this series from Deadset (hat tip to Reddit Diablo), be sure to subscribe to his Twitch and YouTube channels. You can also view the complete written versions of these guides in Deadset's articles at Icy-Veins.

So, have you tried the builds shown below or considered giving them a shot? If so, what did you find most helpful about Deadset’s videos, and how would you tweak or adjust the gear and skills he highlights to make them even more (dare I say) GLORIOUS?

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