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Fresh Meat N' Greet - Wootytooty#1203(1)Category: Witch DoctorApril-29-2015 3:18 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
The world of Sanctuary is a BIG place, defended by hundreds of thousands of heroes each and every day. To help you get to know some of these fellow nephalem a little better, we've created the Fresh Meat N' Greet.

The Fresh Meet N' Greet is a recurring series of interviews featuring you, our community. A few times each month, we'll sit down and chat with six different community members, one for each class, and then post our Q&As right here in these forums.

Up this week for Witch Doctors: Wootytooty#1203

Read on below to find out more about your fellow ally in battle!

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Fresh Meat N' Greet - Wootytooty#1203(2)April-29-2015 3:21 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post

Grimiku: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Wootytooty#1203: I'm 30 years old with an electronic art degree! Think more of web design and adobe flash sort of work. At 24 I was diagnosed with a rare liver disease (primary sclerosing cholangitis), but received a liver transplant at 28! Its been two years since then and I've been feeling great!

Grimiku: Got any cool hobbies or talents?

Wootytooty#1203: My free time is mostly comprised of playing all sorts of video games; whether its alone or online with friends. I enjoy web design and have been working on a Mortal Kombat website since I was 13 or so. Compiling information and helping others is something I enjoy doing.

Grimiku: What’s your history as a gamer?

Wootytooty#1203: Always have been a huge gaming nerd. Ever since the NES came out, I was hooked. Over time I became a completionist type gamer. I like to play my games to the fullest and unlock nearly everything the game has to offer. I never did play Diablo 1 and 2, but I started Diablo 3 during the open beta as a Witch Doctor.

Grimiku: What are some of your favorite games?

Wootytooty#1203: Mega Man X- to this day my friend I play it together, maybe once every 3 months.
Super Mario Brothers 3- The picture of me holding this game at Christmas when I was 5 is just fantastic.
Mortal Kombat- Been playing since the original came out on consoles.
Doom- Played the originals, but mostly Doom 3. Looking forward to the 4th!
F-Zero GX- quite possibly the hardest game I have played and completed 100% So much fun though.
World of Warcraft- I created a Rogue in '06 and am still playing said Rogue. Have made so many friendships through this game. (Even going to Vegas to meet some of my guildies soon!)

Grimiku: Do you play any other classes?

Wootytooty#1203: Yes! I'm playing all six classes and doing my best this season to "make it onto the leader-board" with each one. So far I'm 3 for 6. The other 3 will need a lot more work. I'd consider the Crusader and Wizard my favorite alternate characters. Meteor and shield bash are two of my favorite non-WD skills in the game.

Grimiku: Are you in a great clan or community? If yes, tell us about them!

Wootytooty#1203: Yes! 'Zone of Danger.' A nod towards K-Log's (Kenny Loggins) Danger Zone featured in Top Gun and Archer. Its comprised of old high school/college friends and from my WoW guild.

Grimiku: What's your most embarrassing moment while playing?

Wootytooty#1203: Being fooled into thinking I got a legendary item; when in fact my friend prank me by dropping a Leoric's shinbone on the ground.

Grimiku: Okay, what about your most AWESOME moment while playing?

Wootytooty#1203: Fooling another friend by dropping a Leoric's shinbone on the ground!

I also wanted to share another story; but was not while playing. As I was going under for my liver transplant, one of the doctors said to me, "happy thoughts... happy thoughts." It must have been happy thoughts, because the first thing I thought of after waking up from my surgery was how awesome my new Skorn was for my Witch Doctor (this was just after patch 1.8, when Cloud of Bats became awesome).
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Fresh Meat N' Greet - Wootytooty#1203(3)April-29-2015 3:23 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post

Grimiku: What drew you to the Witch Doctor?

Wootytooty#1203: I have always been a fan of necromancers and warlocks in just about every video game. This class intrigued me at first with its goofy zombie appeal. Hurling creatures out at your foes is just a cool concept!

Grimiku: What’s the voodoo that you do: do you drain your foes' life force over time, unleash your minions upon them, or call forth a surge of power to crush them?

Wootytooty#1203: Darts. Lots and lots of darts. Though its more of the pet appeal. I like running with a huge army and wrecking havoc as we march across the swamps and desserts.

Grimiku: What's your favorite skill (or skill rune), and why?

Wootytooty#1203: Zombies are cool. Bears are cool, too. But combine the two... wow. Zombie Bears has to be one of my favorite skills ever, in any video game. Hurling dead bears at your foes just sounds like hours of entertainment to me. Really hoping this skill gets an upgrade through set items or builds.

Grimiku: What build are you running currently?

Wootytooty#1203: I have multiple witch doctors comprised of different sets/builds, but my current go to is the popular Carnevil dart build. Next to bears, this is my second love. I just wish my fetishes held my hand when we cross the crosswalks; instead of mindlessly running around getting distracted by the tiniest bug.

Grimiku: Is there a particular item that you’re currently after? How would it change things for you if you found it?

Wootytooty#1203: Not so much anymore. I have what I want; just after better versions of what I already have.

Grimiku: If there was one thing you could change about the Witch Doctor, what would it be?

Wootytooty#1203: Mana spenders being viable. All of our mana spending abilities are really lackluster. Either add new sets or individual items that could buff these spells. Firebats, spirit barrage, acid cloud and zombie charger are all awesome skills; but currently only a couple fit in certain niche builds.

Grimiku: If you could build a Set or Legendary item to support a skill, what skill would it be and how would you support it?

Wootytooty#1203: Buff Zombie Charger more than anything. Since the Witch Doctor can "plague" enemies; involving a set around a plague would be very cool (more so than Locust Swarm). Perhaps when Zombie Charger hits an enemy, it also applies corpse spiders as well; which crawl all over the mob and slowly "devour" them to death.

Grimiku: Pick a Witch Doctor quote!

Wootytooty#1203: The spirits aid me!

Grimiku: Name one piece of advice that you think every Witch Doctor should know.

Wootytooty#1203: Let your fetishes scout whats ahead. They don't mind dying over and over like you do. They're secretly professional athletes at the FSAA (Fetish School Academy of Aerobics).
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Fresh Meat N' Greet - Wootytooty#1203(4)April-29-2015 3:24 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post

Grimiku: Which Witch Doctor should we interview next?

Wootytooty#1203: ButteryNugs #1889

Grimiku: Pick a question to ask in the next interview:

Wootytooty#1203: How has teaching helped you with Diablo 3? Or vice versa?

Grimiku: You ask a lot of great questions in the Witch Doctor forums, which is pretty awesome. How much time do you spend theory crafting or problem solving on any given day? Do you have any good tips for resources when trying to figure out the answer to a tough question?

Wootytooty#1203: I enjoy thinking about how different items work with different builds. Even as far as followers go. On a given day I don't spend too much time. And any questions I do have I'll just ask on the forums themselves. The Witch Doctor community is one of the best communities I've been in, so asking any complex question is a good start at an answer.

The people who play this game and create pages upon pages of guides for every build never cease to amaze me. So, spending time on the forums can really help someone understand the class and game a lot better.
And the WD community has PaulNG.

Got any questions yourself for Wootytooty#1203? Post them below!
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Fresh Meat N' Greet - Wootytooty#1203(12)May-1-2015 2:43 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
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Thanks for the heads up about the bad formatting! I took care of that sentence, and removed the question, too.
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