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For all of you playing on the PTR, this one's for you! Our weekly Waypoint has a great discussion from Reddit Diablo on the new Treasure Goblins, a useful guide to skill changes in the patch 2.1.2 PTR from Diablo IncGamers, a helpful video guide from streamer Mikhail, and more! 

Exploring Upcoming Greater Rift Changes

If you're curious to know what changes are planned for Greater Rifts once the new patch hits, YouTuber Mikhail has a useful video called "Patch 2.1.2 PTR Greater Rift Trial Changes." We've also been collecting feedback on the upcoming Greater Rift changes from community members in our Focused Feedback thread, and we'd like to hear your thoughts on them, too.

For those playing on the PTR, how do you feel about the current planned changes to Greater Rifts?

What Ancient Items Have You Found?

The-MathMog from Diablo Fans has been keeping a running tally of the Ancient Items he and others have found on the PTR in his "Show us your Ancient Items!" thread. It's an awesome shared activity for members of the site, and a cool way to see what sort of stats can roll on Ancient Items!

Have you found any Ancient Items yet while testing the new patch? What's the best you've found so far?

Chasing Down The New Treasure Goblins!

Over on Reddit Diablo/u/ZaccieA talked in his "Blood shard goblins are amazing" thread about finding the Blood Thief, one of the mischievous new Treasure Goblins coming to the game in patch 2.1.2. 

Have you stumbled across the Blood Thief, Odious Collector, or Gem Hoarder yet on the PTR? And did you manage to chase them down and wrest their precious loot from them?


A Helpful Guide to Skill Changes

If you've read the Patch 2.1.2 PTR Notes, you've probably noticed some upcoming changes planned for certain skills. For those who prefer to see the changes in a different format, Diablo IncGamers has created the "2.1.2 PTR Skill Comparison List," showing old and new versions of each skill side-by-side. It's super useful, especially if you're wondering how the new skill changes may affect certain builds!

Breaking Down Changes to the Marauder Set

Those who play a Demon Hunter or Monk regularly and tried taking them for a spin on the PTR may have noticed changes to the Embodiment of the Marauder and Monkey King's Garb sets. While there are still more changes to come as players test them out, YouTuber ZiggyD shared his initial impression of the changes to the Marauder set in his "Demon Hunter Marauder Sentry - What You Need to Know!" video.  

We've heard lots of feedback on these changes so far. What do you think of them?

What Discussions Are Worth Sharing?

The Waypoint is designed to share the videos, discussions, and guides that are most helpful and interesting to others. We're constantly getting new ideas for what to include, and we'd like to know what contributions your fellow community members made that you think are worth sharing!

If you see a cool thread, tweet, article or video that’s worth sharing, send it over to (along with a brief explanation of why it’s worth sharing)!

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