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There’s lots of cool stuff to see in this week's Waypoint! Rhykker gives us a helpful recap of the news from BlizzCon, Drothvader shares insights from Wyatt Cheng’s Story Time side panel, and players discuss what powers they want on upcoming 6 piece sets and changes they want to see in Season 2.

Catching Up On BlizzCon News

Missed out on last weekend's news and not in the mood to read through our massive round-up? No problem! YouTube personality Rhykker has you covered with his "Diablo III BlizzCon & Patch 2.1.2: Everything You Need to Know" recap.

Check out the video below to get his thoughts on the new Treasure Goblins, new Legendary Gems, upcoming changes to Greater Rifts, and more.

Story Time with Uncle Wyatt, In Review

Every year at BlizzCon, senior technical game designer Wyatt Cheng likes to take some time to sit down and chat with fellow players about Diablo III as well as game design in general. 

Drothvader#1215 was in attendance for this year's discussion and has put together a helpful forum post detailing the resulting conversation, including Wyatt's philosophical responses on things like Set items, Legendary items, unavoidable mechanics, and damage in Greater Rifts (among other topics). 

While the recap is in Drothvader's own words, he sums up the talking points quite well. We definitely recommend checking out this thread, whether you're a Diablo enthusiast or just love learning more about game design at Blizzard!


Looking to the Future (of Seasons)

We recently revealed what's new and improved for Season 2 and have heard some great feedback from all of you! Taking this line of talking even further, Starbird#1360 from our official forums also shared the things he'd like to see in the next Season, and asked others to pitch in their thoughts.

Do you agree with his ideas? What other things would you like to see in future Diablo III seasons?


End Game for the End of Days

Papaya#1791 brought up the idea of new end-game objectives, including monster arenas and a "Capture The Flag" mode. He also asked for the community’s feedback and participation!

There are lots of ideas for what people may want added to the end-game for Diablo III, but which ideas are best (or perhaps your favorite)?


What Future Powers Would You Add for 4 Piece Sets?

As discussed in our "Evolving Reaper of Souls" panel at BlizzCon, the development team would like to improve several existing Sets by adding 6-piece bonuses to those that don't currently have one. imscoobydoo#1458 has already started a thread (appropriately titled "Set Changes") to brainstorm what new bonuses players would like to see on these revamped Sets, and has asked for feedback.

Salzwer#2957 likes the idea of a ninja-themed bonus for Shadow's Mantle, while Kara#1333 would add immunity to additional damage types to beef up Blackthorne's Battlegear.

But what about you? What new 6-piece bonus would you add to improve an existing 4-piece Set?

What Discussions Are Worth Sharing?

The Waypoint is designed to share the videos, discussions, and guides that are most helpful and interesting to others. We're constantly getting new ideas for what to include, and we'd like to know what contributions your fellow community members made that you think are worth sharing!

If you see a cool thread, tweet, article or video that’s worth sharing, send it over to (along with a brief explanation of why it’s worth sharing)!

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