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BlizzCon is right around the corner, and the community is buzzing with anticipation. In this week's Waypoint, we'll look at the biggest questions community members want answered at the event, how best to re-roll a Furnace, the history of Diablo, and more!

BlizzCon 2014 Speculation and Preparation

As we get closer and closer to BlizzCon, we've started to see more and more discussions regarding what kind of news players think will be shared during the convention. In one these conversations, Pronebar posted some of the questions he'd like to see answered by our development team, and others chimed in to add to the list.

But what about you? What questions would you like to see answered or information shared at BlizzCon this year? 


24 Hours of Diablo III

Ever wondered what a day in Diablo III looks like? You're in luck! /u/TheExpedientOne of Reddit Diablo posted a breakdown of his stats during a recent 24 hour streaming session where he played Diablo III for the Extra Life charity marathon. Aside from getting a portal to the Vault, he and his crew managed a couple of Hardcore deaths, 102 Paragon levels altogether, and 306 Legendary items (including Keys and Organs). Check out TheExpedientOne's full stats, observations, and takeaways in his thread on Reddit.

Thanks for supporting a great cause, TheExpedientOne!


The History of Diablo

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Moldran recently created an in-depth look at the origins and evolution of the Diablo series, in which he waxes nostalgically about his favorite moments from Diablo's past. If Diablo III is your first game in the series, you'll enjoy all the fascinating facts he shares about the games, while those who have long since found their first cracked sash will appreciate the walk down memory lane!

What Do You Want In The Game?

BBAutoAi#1413 from our official forums shared a compelling thought experiment this week:

"You are ask to help make next Diablo AAA ARPG. And the big wigs that are calling the shots ask you to make a list of 15 ideas that will make this game fun and easy to play but most of all they are looking for epic ideas or game functions that will appeal to all gamer's so what are your 15 ideas?"

It’s fun to brainstorm ideas without any constraints. So, if you could make your own Diablo game (and assuming you had infinite resources), what would you add? Post your ideas below!


How to Re-Roll Your Furnace

Among two-handed weapons, perhaps none is as coveted as the Elite-smashing The Furnace. But what stat is best to re-roll when you find one?

Forum MVP Jaetch#1861 explains in his "How to Reroll Your Furnace" thread how to determine whether your Furnace is good (and which stats are best to reroll). He then takes you through the process using a few examples. This weapon is rare, so knowing what to do once you’ve found it is pretty helpful!


What Conversations Are Worth Sharing?

The Waypoint is designed to share the videos, discussions, and guides that are most helpful and interesting to others. We're constantly getting new ideas for what to include, and we’d like to know what contributions your fellow community members made that you think are worth sharing!

If you see a cool thread, tweet, article or video that's worth sharing, send it over to (along with a brief explanation of why you think it's so cool). 

See you at BlizzCon!

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