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Fresh Meat, ‘n’ Greet - Heisenberg #11134(1)Category: MonkMarch-2-2015 10:16 AM PST (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
The Fresh Meet N' Greet is a recurring series of interviews featuring you, our community. A few times each month, we'll sit down and chat with six different community members, one for each class, and then post our Q&As right here in these forums.

Up this week for Monks: Heisenberg #11134

Read on below to find out more about your fellow ally in battle!

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Fresh Meat, ‘n’ Greet - Heisenberg #11134(2)March-2-2015 10:16 AM PST (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post

Grimiku: What would you like to tell us about yourself?

Heisenberg: My name is Heisenberg, and I am a retired pharmacist living up in the mountains of New Hampshire. Contrary to popular belief, I am not a kingpin. My name actually came from the scientist who had a principle he wasn't too sure about. I like to garden in my backyard and do some woodworking when my arthritic hands can handle it (thanks mantra spam!).

Grimiku: Got any cool hobbies or talents?

Heisenberg: I love to cook. (Food)

Grimiku: How long have you been playing Diablo games?

Heisenberg: Not too long, I only started playing Diablo 3 since it was on sale at the Microsoft Store two holidays ago - and for some reason and the thing I was wanting to buy there wasn't in stock, but saw D3 was just $10. I had never heard of it before, but I liked how the III was a claw.

Grimiku: What’s your history as a gamer?

Heisenberg: I didn't get into video games until one of my children forced me into it. It was this old SNES game called Lost Vikings, and my son really hated the game (and puzzle games in general) but the only reason why he played it was because one of the main characters LOOKED like me. (The one called Olaf.) How does that relate to Diablo? Well it doesn't - I'm just old.
But I did hear they are making a comeback in Heroes of the Storm? Can't wait!

Grimiku: What are some of your favorite games?

Heisenberg: Football Manager. That's like fantasy soccer by yourself.

Grimiku: Do you play any other classes?

Heisenberg: I have always played a tank with a shield, so Crusader! I wanted to name him Olaf, but didn't want to be thought of as a Disney character.

Grimiku: Are you in a great clan or community? If yes, tell us about them!

Heisenberg: No clans, I found most of them to be full of immature kids. Please never impliment an in-game voice chat.

Grimiku: Do you normally play solo or in groups?

Heisenberg: Groups. I like to use my magic find character as a tank, keeping my allies safe, and then dropping unidentified legendaries in the most dangerous of situations... or one second before a rift closes.

Grimiku: What's your most embarrassing moment while playing?

Heisenberg: In game it would have to be leveling to 70 without selecting a single passive. My son called me a noob.

Grimiku: Okay, what about your most AWESOME moment while playing?

Heisenberg: I was playing with my son in Act 2 sewers and he said "Guess what? You're going to be a grandpa."

Grimiku: Congratulations! That sounds like the sort of gaming moment that simply can't be topped.
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Fresh Meat, ‘n’ Greet - Heisenberg #11134(3)March-2-2015 10:17 AM PST (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post

Grimiku: What drew you to the Monk?

Heisenberg: The beard. I have a nice beard. Almost pick barbarian, but I am also bald, so Monk was the choice.

Grimiku: What's your favorite skill (or skill rune), and why?

Heisenberg: Earth Ally Rune of Mystic Ally. I love using the active because it looks like I have 2 angry rock-balls knocking everything in sight up.

Grimiku: What build are you running currently?

Heisenberg: I try lots of builds, but currently most revolve around Sunwuko, because it is the only viable set.

Grimiku: Is there a particular item you’re after, and how would you change your build if you found it?

Heisenberg: Ancient Horadric Hamburger. My build would get slightly heavier.

Grimiku: Name one piece of advice that you think every Monk should know.

Heisenberg: Some Dashing Strike tips: You can dash across the gap to the Skeleton King boss platform instead of taking the longer right path. Also when on the "Warden" jail map, you can Dashing Strike from the top to the exit - just need to be directly above the exit.

Grimiku: If you could change 1 thing about Monks, what would it be?

Heisenberg: The color of my beard... or get the ability to Dye my beard. Also, a new pair of loincloths. The tattered ones just don't send the right message to the ladies.

Grimiku: Pick a Monk quote!

Heisenberg: My favorite is "Your Technique is flawed!" (It's an emote)
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Fresh Meat, ‘n’ Greet - Heisenberg #11134(4)March-2-2015 10:19 AM PST (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post

Grimiku: Which of your fellow Monks should we also interview?

Heisenberg: Darth#1885, because he shares the monk passion and asks the interesting questions that really make you think!

Grimiku: What’s another question you’d like to see in these interviews?

Heisenberg: Do you want to build a snowman?

Got any questions yourself for Heisenberg? Post them below!
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Fresh Meat, ‘n’ Greet - Heisenberg #11134(10)March-2-2015 11:33 AM PST (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Heisenberg

Hey Grim, you totally copy pasted my favorite games wrong!

I demand Justice. And not the kind you find at the mall with all the delightfully colorful bracelets!

I did totally copy + paste your answer wrong for that question! Sorry about that, and it's been fixed. I'll keep an eye out for any other mistakes, and thanks for letting me know.
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