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As anyone who plays Hardcore will tell you, it only takes one false move to end up in the Hall of Fallen Heroes. For this edition of The Waypoint, we’ll be hearing your most embarassing Hardcore death confessions, your ideas about which class is best for helping a new player through the game, and more!

What's Your Most Embarrassing Hardcore Death?

Over on Diablo IncGamers, Flux asks visitors to share their funniest, silliest, weirdest, or most embarrassing Hardcore hero death in what he's calling the Diablo III Darwin Awards. There are some good stories in the blog comments, and we're curious to hear yours. Did you fall asleep at the keyboard? Forget to pause the game while waiting outside of town? Sneeze at precisely the wrong moment?

What's your most embarrassing Hardcore death?


A Useful Spreadsheet for Wizards and Witch Doctors

When community members create tools to help fellow players, everyone wins!

For over nine months, dolynick#1290 has continued to update his Wizard and Witch Doctor calculators aimed to players in determining their hero's eDPS, breakpoints, sheet stats, and more. Adding many improvements along the way and making sure each tool is compatible with the most recent patch, these calculators (available in an easy-to-use spreadsheet format) are an outstanding resource to both Wizards and Witch Doctors alike. 

Have you seen any helpful tools lately for upping your game?

Unnecessary Censorship Central BLEEPs Diablo

If you need a good laugh, the folks from Unnecessary Censorship Central have the perfect remedy. How, you say? By putting the [BLEEP] back in demon [BLEEP]ing, one [BLEEP] at a time (a.k.a bleeping out key words from the Reaper of Souls script to hilarious effect). 

If that video has you cracking up, you can see two more bleeped videos for the game here and here.

Which Class Is Best For Helping a Friend Level Up?

GummyD#1985 is looking to help his fiancée level up her first character in Diablo III. He's recently asked forum members which class is best for helping a first-timer to the game, receiving several responses and some healthy debate in turn.

But what about you? What class do you think is best for helping a first-timer level up...and why?  

What’s Your Lowest Remaining Time in a Greater Rift?

In a situation that’s bound be familiar to the more competitive players in our community, /u/Johnnybgood101 Reddit Diablo showed off his ultra-low remaining time in a Greater Rift. While it's impossible to trump his time (the clock sits at zero minutes and zero seconds), we're curious to know how close you've come to getting beaten by the clock!


Conclusion: Now It’s Your Turn!

Have you heard any good stories from your fellow players? Did you or someone you know share your experience helping a friend level? Maybe you saw an awesome guide, clever topic idea, or creative suggestion?

When you find that cool thread, article, tweet, or video that caught your attention, don't hesitate to send it to along with a brief explanation of why you think it should be included in our next column!

We can't wait to see what you all submit! In the meantime, may all your loot be epic!

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