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Some nephalem hunt for portals to the Vault, while others hunt down Easter Eggs. Some celebrate their odd gaming quirks, while others obsess over their latest Legendary. What fascinating discussions are your fellow players sharing? Find out in this week's edition of The Waypoint!

Love At First (Legendary) Sight

/u/Mosaz from Reddit Diablo asked an interesting question: Have you ever looted an item that you decided to try out, ended up falling in love with, and changed your whole play style as a result?

Over a hundred players have already chimed into the discussion, citing a variety of Legendaries like Boon of the Hoarder, Wand of Woh, Carnevil, and Fate of the Fell, and more!

Can you think of an item that made you rethink your play style? If so, what was it, and what build did you end up using?

Seasonal to Non-Seasonal Paragon Experience

Are you wondering how many Paragon levels you'll ding on your non-Seasonal characters once the current Season is over? Wonder no longer, as /u/djindjin (also from Reddit Diablo) has you covered with his Diablo III Paragon Calculator! Just type your current Seasonal and non-Seasonal Paragon levels into his helpful calculator, or simply enter your BattleTag, and hit "Go!" 

Becoming a Treasure Goblin Hunter

Since the Vault was released in patch 2.1.0, many nephalem have been hunting for that one Treasure Goblin who will grant them their portal to riches! Over on Diablo Incgamers, several players in Vantek's thread are sharing their experiences tracking down this golden, but often elusive opportunity, discussing different farming locations and techniques. 


Have you had any luck finding the portal to the Vault? If yes, where did your lucky Treasure Goblin spawn?

A Handy Guide to Every Acronym In The Game

DPS? CD? CHD? Even, dare we say, a DW WW Barb using CotA? What does it all mean? Hulktopus on our official forums helps you sort out all of this Diablo speak and more in his "Acronyms - The Definitive List" guide, which was also stickied in our New Player Help forum! It's a long list, but as Hulktopus says: "ctrl + F is your friend!"

Did Hulktopus miss any key phrases? Post your additions below!

What Easter Eggs Have You Seen in Diablo III?

Anuiran of Diablo Hub made a list of all the fun, fabulous, and sometimes freaky Easter Eggs he's found in the game. His database is filled with everything from Legendary items to Lamentations (of the women), and includes a variety of references you might not have recognized.

Know of any other Easter Eggs or homages buried in Diablo III? If so, we'd love to hear your most hilarious or clever finds!

That wraps up this week's discussions! Until next time, heroes. We'll see you in Sanctuary.

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