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Bug: Ancient weapons got nerfed?!(1)Category: PTR Bug ReportsDecember-8-2014 9:10 PM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post

I've just noticed that the dmg rolls of all ancient weapons that I found is not the same as it was but worst it is way lower than it was before the new PTR patch got live!

PTR notes stated:


The minimum range that an affix can roll on an Ancient Item has been increased

OK so what happened, to these weapons??

My top roll Blade of Prophecy with 4432 dmg now is 4203 dmg, same thing happened to all other ancient weapons that I found, well my apologies but that doesn't feel very "increased" to me...

OK it's just PTR and you want us to test stuff and there you are, we are testing weapons that basically just got screwed up by the last PTR patch that went live yesterday and I feel like that killed the last remaining PTR testing enthusiasm in me, I'm sure that as soon the rest remaining guys that are still testing something will be pretty much done with PTR as soon they see what happened to their "ancient" weapons! :)

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Bug: Ancient weapons got nerfed?!(5)December-9-2014 9:39 AM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Balthazar23

Chances are, they simply re-rolled the damage values on all Ancient weapons because of the stated increase to the minimum damage range.

And because RNG is RNG, your weapons rolled lower values than before (except the Furnace)

This is correct.

Due to this change you might have noticed that the damage range values on your Ancient Weapons were re-rolled. It wasn't a "nerf" per se, but a necessary consequence of the changes we made to this attribute.

Do keep in mind that this is the PTR, and that changes like this are perfectly normal, and should be expected as we are tuning certain values.

Thanks for the reports, everyone!
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