Round 3 Livestream VOD Now AvailableCategory: Diablo BlogSeptember-3-2014 3:00 PM PDT (6 years ago) Go to Blizzard blog

Last Thursday, we hopped on Twitch and livestreamed the Play Your Way build you voted for: Deadset's "Leapquake" Crusader. If you missed the live broadcast, the VOD of our play session is available on both Twitch and YouTube

For our third Play Your Way livestream, associate game designer John Yang took some time to carry me, the talented YouTuber Qelric, and our Play Your Way vote winner Deadset (of Deadset Gaming) through some Greater Rifts! 

If you want to witness our deaths and successes yourself, or hear the answers to the handful of Twitch questions we answered during the broadcast, check the video embedded video below or watch the VOD directly on Twitch or YouTube.

Want to know more about the builds we were running? Here's what we were rolling with:

Thanks to those who joined us in chat and rooted us on (or kept a death count, as the case may be)! Don’t forget to play your way and send your builds in to us at!

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