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The "new" pylon meta, feedback(1)Category: PTR FeedbackNovember-20-2014 2:46 AM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
So I have tested the new greater rifts up to lvl 58 as a barb.

Here is my list:

-Map rng is still as much a factor as it is in 2.1.1. There are maps that are good, and countless maps that are really really bad. In addition it seems to me, the size of the maps has increased overall, which means, if you get a bad map, it is worse now. Additionally there are still dead ends, and they are sometimes even bigger now than in 2.1.1. because the map is bigger. Though they are more rare.

-Change in monster dmg:I guess it is overall good for most other classes and specs, for VileCharge, as long as APDs work, it simply buffs the damage the Charge Barb can put out, because we can actually run with Insanity and full Rubies now. No real opinion on that apart from that is probably better for the overall gameplay for other classes, but provides power creep for current barb meta.

-Trials: the meta of needing a good group to do well in trials to compete for single rankings is still the same and you need a different class+team to get the best possible keys. The problem has only shifted.

-Mob Types: still the same RNG problem. The difference in hitboxes and how that affects the drag from fc is huge, and even though the mobs are more mixed inside one level now, since the maps are so huge, you can hit the jackpot in composition or just flat out lose. You can finish rifts in the mid 50s in 5 minutes or fail the timer, depending on mob type and map type. That is too much RNG.

-Density: a lot better, greatest improvement so far imho.

-Pylons: The average game spawns 4 pylons in one single level, which means the probability to get a Conduit is high. This shifts the meta towards more reliability, which makes the remaining RNG of the pylons even more frustrating (ya, psychology is a b----): Since the probability of getting a Conduit in lvl 1-3 is high, you can actually skip trials and start with a high 40s or low 50s key and play your way up. Unfortunately, neither are the 4 pylons nor the conduit guaranteed, which breaks that flow. So when you level up a 48 on your way to a 60+ key, on the way you will eventually run into a no conduit grift, a really bad map or a really bad mob composition. Imho, IF you really want us to work with the pylons strategically, we need to be able to count on them aka they should ALWAYS spawn in level 1, 2 or 3, ALWAYS 4 types, and ALWAYS one Conduit. Otherwise the gameplay will soon shift again to mostly trials to get the highest possible entrance key to get enough keys to get the best chances to progress, which means that the team you have available and their power determines huge parts of your solo progression. I know it might sound like: Oh I got sth, now I want more. Not the case! I am simply stating, that if the meta is supposed to be that way it needs more consistency. Either you want us to pylon hunt or not, any form of in-between will only frustrate the players and shift the focus back to the need for perfect trial teams.

The statement from blizzcon was that RNG was not supposed to determine your success, it still does: conduit/noconduit, mob type and map type are still the most determining factors.

-Pylons need more consistency OR they need to be removed and Barb needs some realistic Single Target options.
-map layout still needs work (loads of super narrow hallways, mini obstacles cluttered over the ground and HUUUGE dead ends)
-mob hitboxes need rework, most are too big.
-relative XP gain per mob needs a close look (lots of mob types still basically give no XP, even the nerfed zombies are still one of the best to encounter, additionally the angels and anarchs improvement is hardly noticeable)

As it is on ptr now, it will basically lead to the same as it is on live, only the really hardcore persistent players can compete, skill is important, but persistance and the availability of teams is more so because that is the only way to battle the RNG.

Overall impression: better overall, but mostly powercreep, frustration factor is still too prevalent.
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The "new" pylon meta, feedback(167)December-5-2014 1:30 PM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
As we stated previously at BlizzCon, we want to avoid removing Conduit Pylons entirely. Conduits feel awesome and exciting when you get them, and that’s something we want to preserve. Not every player is (or will want to be) a top tier competitor, and it’s important that we retain these exciting moments for everyone. However, we recognize that Conduit is currently too good and we’re planning to nerf it.

Specifically, we want to lower its effectiveness against single targets. We’re making some changes in the next PTR patch to accomplish this. While you’ll see little to no change (and potentially some improvement) against multiple targets, it will be significantly less useful in single target scenarios. In addition, the damage dealt will scale off your weapon damage instead of the Greater Rift level. This means it will feel strongest at lower tier Greater Rifts, about the same at Greater Rifts that match your level of gear, and less effective at higher Greater Rifts. Overall, it should still feel cool and powerful to use, but not an ultimate game breaker or something you should hedge your entire build around.

Our intent is that we want there to (a) be a variety of pylons you can encounter and (b) no individual pylon should determine your success or failure. We know that’s not where we’re at right now, but that is the ultimate goal.

As an unrelated (but nifty) addendum, because sharing is caring: The Speed Pylon will also be changed slightly to automatically destroy breakable objects and doors while you retain the buff. It felt a little weird to run full stop into a door with this buff up, so now you'll just be able to rush right through barricades and the like. Personally, I'm excited to attempt breaking the sound barrier with Warzechian Armguards and Steed Charge on my Crusader with this. Maybe I can break 88 miles per hour!

Both these changes will be in the next PTR patch, and I highly encourage you to give them both a try once they go live.
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