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[Guide] Best Starter Build for Monk in Season 4 & 2.30(1)Category: MonkAugust-20-2015 4:53 AM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post

With season 4 and the next patch just around the corner, I was hoping to share a monk build that allows everyone to farm bounties and nephalem rifts in the fastest way possible. So for those of you who wish to stop reading this and would rather just watch the video, here is a link (TLDR)

Best Farming Build for Monk: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMtEtFsPCwQ

If you have chosen to stay here and read further, please allow me to explain why this build is great at doing what it is supposed to do: help you gear up fast!

At its very core, this is a Dashing Strike monk build that deals damage in the six second window and boasts a high level of spirit management whilst critting enemies upto 2 billion with optimised gear. Several iterations of DS build exist in the game and all are valid in their own way but this build is extremely easy to gear and even with low end gear, you can have almost have infinite dashes and crit for upto 1.3 billion; such is my promise to you.

The main requirement is having a six piece raiment set and reaper's wraps. Adding a focus and restraint combo will maximise your dps and is your BiS choice but is not mandatory however. A vigilante belt allow eases the rate of farm but again, its a luxury item choice you can entirely skip. Final word is regarding a weapon which could quite literally be anything as long as it is a 2 hander. The only gem needed to increase the farm rate is gogok of swiftness and rest two options are open-ended. My suggetions would be to use offensive gems or defensive ones like esoteric alteration when tacking T10 (yes this build works easily upto T10!)

Stat Allocation:
Your paragon points are mainly needed in cooldown reduction and some basic resistances. This means that you should prioritise these and fill in the rest as you gain levels.On a rough note, reaching a sheet damage of 1 million is more than enough to farm bounties and rifts for loot. Toughness here can sit easily of 7 million and recovery can be as low as 0.5 million. You gearset must contain atleast 50% cooldown reduction which is easily achievable thanks to your passive and gem.

Here is a build I have been using on live and on PTR, you can make adjustments between offensive and defensive based on your character; meaning, serenity can be replaced with BoH Blazing wrath, OWE for determination/unity, etc.
Build Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#bdPjXk!beif!cYYbbY


The reason why I decided to share this build is due to its simple gearing requirements but also due to the damage it offers compared to its In-Geom counterpart. Deadly reach and F+R work well together and offer an extreme DPS buff that is not achieved by any other combination. Both are active for 5 seconds which is about the same time (6 seconds) as set buff, this means that by the time you finish the third strike of generator, you will have 5 seconds to deal tons of damage which is what you should aim for. Epiphany is up for a considerable amount of time but spirit pool is never a problem thanks to reaper's wraps offering a level of flexibility this monk relishes on. With your passives and actives offering you extremely high damage and your 2 handed weapon giving you high weapon damage, you hit much much harded than In-Geom build and can one shot elites whilst not relying on epiphany uptime. This makes this build more fun (in my biased opinion) as you navigate to groups of enemies and pick up health globes as you dash around continuously.

This build merely offers an extremely easy and effective way to start your carrer as monk in the next update. It does not require any exotic/hard to farm items and deals the highest amount of damage amongst any monk farming builds. Yes, builds like these do exist but where others rely heavily on gear, this relies on your skill as a player where you navigate at high speeds to farm your desired items. If you wish to see this build in action, do follow the link to the video shared in this post

I hope you found this post useful and somewhat entertaining. If you have any querries or comments, I would be glad to answer them all.


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New season, new build! Thanks Holy Hermit :-)
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