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*highly important for the PTR 2.1.2!*(1)Category: GeneralNovember-9-2014 3:03 PM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
You guys are introducing a lot of new items and sets!

In order to speed up the testing and get the 2.1.2 live,

please give us an item merchant where we can buy the new sets and legendaries for a few bloodshards in order to properly test stuff!

I don't see any cons about this one. Speeds up testing, encourages testing. PTR will be reset.
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*highly important for the PTR 2.1.2!*(27)November-11-2014 2:34 PM PST (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Rigaudon

The biggest part of PTR testing is ensuring the drop rates are correct, and there is not some hidden issues.

While it's not necessarily the biggest part of a PTR, testing the drop rates for different items is certainly important. It's one of the reasons we don't have a special vendor or adjusted drop rates for patch testing purposes.

As much as we like feedback on how it feels to finally wield powerful new items, it's just as important that we get feedback on whether an item feels too rare or too common. That said, we appreciate you all taking the time to find items on the PTR, take them for a spin, and tell us what you think!
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