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Patch 2.0.1 introduced a variety of new mechanics to Diablo III, including a new item affix called Cooldown Reduction. For heroes (and builds) that enjoy or like to make heavy use of cooldown-based skills, Cooldown Reduction can be a great stat to stack! For some players, however, understanding exactly how Cooldown Reduction affects their gameplay or how much of it they need to achieve certain results can be a bit hazy.

Thankfully, two nephalem from Banned of Gamers have made the process of managing Cooldown Reduction easier than ever with their very own Cooldown Reduction Calculator.

About the Guide:

"This all came about after some discussion within our clan on cooldowns and wondering what the max is and how low we can get the downtime of skills."

Developed by IcemanF1 and KamelJabber from Banned of Gamers, the Cooldown Reduction Calculator is aptly named. At its heart, it's an easy-to-use tool that will help you determine the precise amount of Cooldown Reduction you currently have on any given hero.


In addition, it can also assist you with goal setting, offering theoretical values based on different builds and gear sets for each class. Want to know how much more CDR you would need for an even 50% reduction? No problem, this calculator can do it with a few quick clicks of your mouse.

Why This Guide is Awesome:

  • It offers a character sheet to input the amount of Cooldown Reduction you currently have (or could have) by armor slot.
  • It accounts for Passive skills that alter your cooldowns.
  • It ALSO accounts for Set item bonuses that reduce your cooldowns.
  • It's very comprehensive, but is constantly growing with player feedback. 
  • It's incredibly well-organized and very easy to use, featuring both graphics- and text-based layouts.

Additional Information:

Looking for a quick walkhrough of the Cooldown Reduction Calculator? Sibcoe from Red Team Gaming has you covered!

Did you find this Cooldown Reduction calculator helpful? Have you been searching for more information on Cooldown Reduction? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below, or head over to this thread on the Battle.net forums to share your feedback directly with IcemanF1 and KamelJabber.

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