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In Reaper of Souls™ we added a plethora of new level 70 craftable Legendary and Set items, many of which require a unique Legendary crafting material to create. But what exactly are these materials, where do they come from, and what can they be used for? Thanks to Angzt and his "Legendary Crafting Materials – Drop Locations and Uses" guide from the Diablo Fans forums, you don't have to wonder anymore. 

About the Guide:

In his "Legendary Crafting Material - Drop Locations and Uses" guide, Angzt provides a litany of crowd-sourced information regarding Legendary crafting materials, including the names of each material, where the material can be found (and from what creatures), the best place to farm for the material, and what item or items the material can be used to make.




Angzt also keeps an active changelog that lists every update he's made to the guide since its inception, making it easier than ever for you to know what's new. 


Why this Guide is Awesome:

  • It has everything you need to start hunting down that special Legendary crafting material.
  • Since it's crowd-sourced, it's constantly being updated with more details and insight. 
  • It's incredibly well-organized and very easy to use!
  • Thanks to its included changelog, you'll know exactly what's changed since the last time you read it.

Additional Information:

As noted, this guide is based on a collection of personal experience, player comments, as well as other guides. Here are some of the resources Angzt referenced:

Have you been looking for a crafting guide like this to help you on your journey? Did you find the information helpful? Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below, or head over to the Diablo Fans forums to share your feedback directly with Angzt. 

We hope you enjoy this guide as much as we did and look forward to sharing more with you in the future! 

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