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Stash tabs rolling over after season?(1)Category: GeneralAugust-22-2014 12:12 PM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
I haven't heard anything about this yet, cept for items and stuff you get during seasons will carry over to non-season.

But what I haven't heard is HOW this will be affected if you have full stash tabs on your non-season characters.

Anyone have any info on this?
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Stash tabs rolling over after season?(5)August-22-2014 4:12 PM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Items will be mailed to you using the same system that delivers Collector's Edition items. You'll have a small envelope button in the lower, left hand corner, and you'll have 30 days to reclaim any items mailed to you in this manner when the Season concludes.

In addition, a new stash tab is being made available in Patch 2.1.0 for players with the Reaper of Souls expansion. If you unlock tabs during a Season that you do not already have unlocked for your non-Seasonal characters, they will rollover to your non-Seasonal characters when the Season ends.

I think if I crammed more Seasons in that sentence, I'd age a year. ;P The end-of-Season process can be a little confusing to explain, but I hope this makes some sense!
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