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new monk here needing advice(1)Category: MonkJuly-28-2014 1:28 AM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
So i have decided to give every class in the game a whirl, and i wanted to try the monk again. I think i want to go with lightning, and use the 6 pc 1000k storms set this time around. Here are a few questions i have.

1. Do i need to run the full 6 pcs with unity/soj or should i drop a ring and use 5 pcs with rorg so i can add another legendary item, i see there is a monk spirit stone that adds % lightning damage, i also have a decent pair of ice climbers in my stash, that i have been dying to find an excuse to use, are ice climbers viable to this build? I also have a pair of dex mr yans hex pants in the stash.

2. I know dashing strike is obv a mandatory skill for this build, but what are some different set ups skill wise for this set. i obv haven't got all the stuff for this build, but i plan to gamble til i get most of it. id like to use some strongarms in this build if thats possible, do people use cs to pull targets at all in this build? Or long reach sb?

3. What is the suggested weapon for the off hand in this build? I know jawbreaker is obv needed, but do you want an odyn son or the monk fist weapon with % damage? Also i plan to use a t gods belt is that a good idea? I find the witching hour to be too glassy as id like to put an extra all res roll on my belt, and in 2.1 i know lighting % damage will scale on weps, making them stronger, so would odyn son be better than the fist wep because of the secondary chain lightning proc? What about thunderfury? would the de buff help by slowing mobs and make them easier to ds them? Also i found a cool fist wep called sledge fist, it has a huge chance to stun enemies, is this of any use or no?

I'm sure i'm forgetting or leaving something out, but i like to research and char and get help in the forums before i start to spend mass shards to get gear. Thanks ahead of time guys for all the tips and your time.
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new monk here needing advice(10)August-1-2014 2:53 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Adding to the other information that’s been shared here, it may also be helpful to also check out some of the popular builds that are out there right now. A couple of great references sites are the following:


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