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Hello everyone!

Now that the EP nerf has set in, I think it's a good time to take a really serious look at where monks stand, why they stand there and where they might be going ... perhaps to a pub to grab a pint??

I will first outline the most pertinent issues facing monks today (2.0.6) and then detail how 2.1 has affected them.

tl;dr --
> Low dps and poor conversion of resources to damage
> Required melee = high toughness requirement + poor sustain option = forced 2x unity + multiple defensive skills + harmony + max CDR on all monk specs
> Spirit as a resource system is clunky, unrewarding and inherently dangerous leading to most monks actively trying to interact with it as little as possible

2.1's effects on the Problems
> Spirit gens get minor buffs that don't address major issues and result in no substantive change
> Spirit spenders get no real changes other than the major nerfs to TR and EP and end up right where they started
> Passives get some minor improvements but are left with the majority being unusable and an overall nerf due to loss of OWE and STI
> Raiment change is almost good enough to be competitive but not quite there while SWK / Inna's and Shenlong's are still miles behind

> Monks are still in a really bad spot which is being accurately reflected by the PTR leaderboards
> Substantial buffs are needed to a variety of things in order to get the monk class to a competitive and diverse state

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[Review] - Monks in 2.1(637)July-29-2014 2:33 PM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
This next PTR patch is going to have a BUNCH of Monk changes headed your way. There's a lot to talk about here, so bear with me. This is gonna be a long one.

While we touched on Spirit Regeneration a little bit in the last patch, that was the tip of the iceberg. We're going over all the Monk Spirit Generators and making some significant changes.

Monks are quick strikers, and we wanted to increase the Spirit generation and damage of each Primary skill without just upping the numbers. We're addressing this by increasing the Attack Speed scalar of most Monk generators. This means that each will operate more quickly and scale better with Attack Speed. This is a change you won't see reflected in the tooltip or PTR data mining, but should experience in practice, especially if you already have a substantial amount of Attack Speed. This change addresses both concerns while further embracing that Monk fantasy of being fast and nimble.

We're also addressing some of the remaining Dodge mechanics that Monks have left in their kit. We're leaving a few options for players who really want to embrace the Dodge mechanic and focus on it, but others we're retooling to provide more consistent and reliable benefits. Mantra of Evasion is being replaced with Mantra of Salvation, and the base skill will now provide you and your allies within 60 yards a 20% bonus to All Resistance. We've moved the Dodge bonus to a new rune, Agility, and you'll find some other useful utility among the other new runes.

There are plenty of other changes coming as well, but I don't want to get too patch-notey here. Expect some quality of life and DPS boosts to spenders like Lashing Tail Kick and Wave of Light to make them more competitive and offer you additional options. The new Alabaster Gloves have been removed and replaced with a new Monk Seasonal Legendary Fist Weapon that increases the maximum stack count of Sweeping Winds by 5-7. Overall, there will be new toys to play with, and we're looking forward to seeing your feedback on these changes as we move into our next PTR patch.
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