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Pretty neat :)
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Console has bind on account removed(52)July-16-2014 5:46 PM PDT (10 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Jumping in to lend a bit of clarification.

Some items will still be Account Bound (like pre-order bonuses, for example). With that, when playing in a local co-op game, loot will be flagged when it drops for specific players in the group. For example, if Player 2 is a Demon Hunter and Player 1 is a Wizard and a pair of pants drop that have stats a Wizard would benefit from, the item will automatically be flagged for P1. Even if P2 runs over to loot the pants, they will go to P1’s inventory anyway. This helps streamline the experience of sorting through loot drops.

Additionally, when Legendaries drop, there is a chance a Player Gift will drop for someone on your Xbox Live or PlayStation Network friend’s list that also plays Ultimate Evil Edition, which you can send to them via the in-game Mail system either directly from your Inventory or at the Mailbox. The Player Gift will be targeted (i.e. it’ll roll as smart loot) to the character your friend chooses to open the Player Gift on.

I hope this helps!
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