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Legendary Gem Powers(1)Category: PTR FeedbackJuly-9-2014 10:34 PM PDT (10 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
[UPDATE] 7/11 - Greetings Adventurers, the Legendary Gem Powers have been reactivated. Thank you for continuing to help us test the PTR, and for providing valuable feedback here in the forums!


Hello lovely PTR testers,

We've recently discovered an issue with Legendary Gems that is causing PTR clients to crash whenever a gem power is activated.

We're working to resolve this crash as quickly as possible, but do not currently have an ETA to share. In the meantime, to help improve PTR stability and prevent further crashes, all Legendary Gem powers have been temporarily disabled. Please note that Legendary Gems can still drop on the PTR, but they will not provide any of the bonuses listed on their tooltips.

Once Legendary Gem powers have been re-enabled, we'll provide an update in this thread. Thank you for your patience!
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