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your hardest death...(1)Category: HardcoreJuly-7-2014 3:57 PM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
not as in "hard to take"...but as in I got hit so hard I died before I could hit Q.

Mine was my recently dispatched wizard, Lil. Act 2 KW spun and reflected all of my fireMMs back at me...killed me +UA+me again in less than 2 seconds.

I died so hard that it killed my SC wiz as well
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your hardest death...(17)July-8-2014 11:48 AM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Was playing my HC copy in a PTR build where reflected damage had not been capped. I threw everything I had at the mob and was hit so hard that the physical model of my character was strewn about the screen like a Stretch Armstrong caught in a semi-truck’s axle. I’m not really sure the warping of the physics had anything to do with the HP hit, but it definitely caught me off-guard.

As far as a legitimately hard death, that would be my Demon Hunter that had six Fallen Maniacs simultaneously teleport onto him in the Crumbling Vault (back when they could still do that). What stung is that they continued to blow up AFTER he was dead. The Hall of Fallen Heroes lists the cause of death as “Unknown.”
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