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Uber key and Organ drop rate is too low(1)Category: PTR FeedbackJune-28-2014 4:02 AM PDT (6 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
50% in t6 is too low if we looking the effort how to defeat those uber bosses. my friends have done a lot of uber and many of them must repeat uber bosses fight almost 5-10 times and they still drop no organ.

this low drop chance and how the effort to obtain make uber dont feel rewarding since there is some better ammy that can prevent elemental damage and heal you compared the new hellfire ammy that only grant us 1 random passive (this is still not counting the roll chance to get good stat ammy that have passive you need).

im thinking about the new drop chance and maybe this scale is fair enough:
t1 25%
t2 40%
t3 55%
t4 70%
t5 85%
t6 100%
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Uber key and Organ drop rate is too low(12)July-11-2014 5:26 PM PDT (6 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Thanks for kicking off this discussion, Serge! Just to provide some context (which may or may not impact your feedback), we've recently made a change to Demonic Organs on the PTR so that groups will be able to synchronize better while farming them.

Currently, in the live game, when an Ubers boss is killed, every player has an individual chance (scaled based on difficulty) to get a Demonic Organ drop. This functionality has its pros, but a big con is that it can feel awkward to have one person in the group receive an organ and others not. It creates a kind of disparity within the group that we’d like to avoid. As a result, moving forward, the chance for a Demonic Organ to drop is now on the group level, rather than the individual player. So, let’s say that, previously, each individual player had a 20% chance to get a Demonic Organ drop, now the group as whole has a 20% chance. If a Demonic Organ drops, every member of the party will receive it.

This does not influence the drop rate (and the rate will continue to scale in the same way with difficulty as it does in the live game), but it will make sure that groups that stick together will all be on the same page for what's needed to complete a Hellfire Ring or Amulet.
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