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2.0.6 (stealth buffed) Rend discussion(1)Category: BarbarianJune-11-2014 12:46 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
...aaand it is being fixed

I enjoyed theorycrafting and testing this with you guys :)

--- original thread ---

We don´t know if it´s indended or not and how long it will last, but Rend has gotten pretty strong in this patch, so be sure to give it a try and enjoy it. Here is what changed:

2.0.6 REND

In patch 2.0.5, Rend´s ability to crit was removed. Instead, crit chance and crit damage were directly included in calculating its damage.
Expected Mutilate damage per tick based on patch 2.0.5 changes = 1694 * 76.45 * (1 + 0.35*4.5) * 0.4 = 133,391.489

Actual ingame values in patch 2.0.6:
> damage tick reflected on monster health bar numbers = 133,392 (12 frames, non-crit)
> damage tick reflected on monster health bar numbers = 733,656 (12 frames, crit)
> damage tick displayed above monster = 533,566 (48 frames, crit)
>damage tick displayed above monster = 2,934,613 (48 frames, crit)

Conclusion: Rend is now able to crit again on top of crit mod*** being included in its damage calculation. This means that a crit Rend benefits from crit damage twice (squared). A similar behavior was confirmed in the past for certain weapon procs like Odyn Son, Bul-Kathos´s Oath and Maximus fire chain. The difference between these calculations is that Rend doesn´t benefit from attack speed at all while the aforementioned item procs do (aps is also directly included in their damage calculation instead of affecting their tick frequency). On the other hand, the weapon procs don´t benefit from elemental skill bonuses while Rend does (from physical).

***crit mod = 1 + crit chance/100 * crit damage/100

It is unclear whether this is an intended change to make the skill competitive again or just a "bug" byproduct of making the Rend damage bonus on gear work again.

Feel free to share your experience with the skill, what builds you use with it, how you try to optimize and how well it fares against your other (usual) skill and gear setups.


MannerCookie posted videos of him testing Raekor Furious Charge + Rend here:

Det0x posted videos of him testing WW/RLTW + Rend with permanent Ancients (party oriented, no double Unity) here:

zapro posted a video of him running WW/RLTW + Rend with permanent Ancients here:

I am currently also running good vanilla WW/Rend with Ancients (double Unity):

Seems like Sun Keeper + Doombringer a.k.a. "SunBringer" is the best weapon combination. Someone should test Bul-Kathos´s Oath and some 2-handed weapon.

Relevant game mechanics information
1. Furious Charge alternates hands to deal damage. Had to retest because some people were doubting this. Next time simply equip a white weapon in your OH and use a skill twice in a row. If there´s a huge damage difference, the skill alternates damage.

2. Rend:
> displays a white damage number above monsters 53 frames after fury globe response (skill cost) / hitting the target.
> subsquent displayed ticks occur in 48 frame intervals and you always get 7 ticks total.
> the last displayed tick is logically always smaller than the others
> displayed tick sequence: 160%-160%-160%-160%-160%-160%-40% weapon damage (1000% total)
> to calculate dps from your displayed tick, multiplay the value by 1.25

3. Hexing Pants of Mr. Yan:
> Force Move into Rend = bonus
> Force Move into Furious Charge = bonus
> Whirlwind*** into Rend = bonus
> Furious Charge into Rend = penalty

***While dual-wielding, you have to force move more than one step to ensure WW locks the Yan bonus, otherwise you get the penalty for the whole duration of channeling WW.

4. Ruthless behaves like a debuff and isn´t snapshot, instead it activates when the monster is below 30% health. It´s a separate multiplicative damage bonus and the main reason why people see larger Rend and Earthquake "finishing" damage ticks.

The delay at the end of Furious Charge makes you stop and lose the Yan bonus. You would have to force move before Rending after FC to ensure gaining the bonus and not the penalty. Alternatively, you would have to Rending out of Sprinting (before FC) or you´d be always gimping your Rend after FC.

Good luck and have fun.
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2.0.6 (stealth buffed) Rend discussion(233)June-13-2014 11:45 AM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Nubtro

It is unclear whether this is an intended change to make the skill competitive again or just a "bug" byproduct of making the Rend damage bonus on gear work again.

In this particular case, this is indeed an unintentional change that occurred due to the fix to the +% Damage for Rend applied in 2.0.6, as denoted in our hotfixes. You should see this hotfix applied sometime in the near future, and I'll update the appropriate list when it becomes available.

That said, we're keeping an eye on feedback across the classes, including for Barbarians. While I don't have information to share about upcoming changes at this time, we will be having a PTR very Soonâ„¢ and I definitely encourage you all to log in and try things out once it's available.
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