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This is why you never potion (WD)(1)Category: HardcoreJune-6-2014 8:27 AM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
T6 rift, full party with me on Jade. The map is the "Keeps" layout with it's narrow rooms and many intersections. The guardian spawns right next to two elite packs. At that point a third pack shows up from a side way, coming in from behind and cutting our way out. The monk has already dashed in and engaged the guardian and other elites. The fight is on, and as much as I wanted to SW out and regroup I wasn't going to ditch my team.

There's nothing to proc Harrington off, or if there is I can't see it in the small rooms infested with elites. I apply a few dots and SW in to harvest some elites, but they're all spread out and I only manage to get a couple of them to half hp. SW ends and I'm in the middle of multiple orbiter ball spawns, nasty mobs everywhere, and Perendi is a few feet away in the room, pounding away. One second later and well over half of my hp is gone.

At this point, my pinky is really itching to smack the potion button (Q). "You're life is low" it says, "you need to potion, potion now, now, NOW!". But I know better. SW is on cooldown, I've just taken over 10 million damage in less than a second, and I wasn't even standing in the worst of it. Perendi and company is blocking the exit, and there is another pack in the previous room. I'm going to proc no matter what. Two seconds won't be enough to steer clear of the two rooms standing between me and safety. I'll need my full health when SV ends and hope that's enough to survive the elites in the previous room.

"I'm not dying in this place, I'm not potioning now." Instead, I head dive with one third health left toward the guardian standing in my way. I proc SV. NOW I potion, and when SV ends I'm in the middle of the previous room with one pack still standing between me and safety. But I have full health. I walk by them. I take a few hits on the way. I live with just a sliver of health left.
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This is why you never potion (WD)(51)June-6-2014 2:49 PM PDT (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Awesome story, Fury! Now that's Hardcore Rifting.
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