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Monk Specific Legendaries(1)Category: MonkMay-22-2014 5:21 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
First off, I feel that if something is class specific it should bring a class specific attribute to the table. If it doesn't why have it be class specific. why not just re-skin it and put it into the pool of the other helms/weapons?

In an effort to give feedback, promote discussion, and hopefully bring about some unique changes to the monks I have listed out each monk specific legendary that does not currently have a proc. Along with each legendary, I have put a suggested legendary proc that would help legendaries feel more legendary. These procs are my own ideas and they are far from perfect. I tried come up with procs that would go along with the base stats or theme of the items. I would love for others to post their ideas and suggestions.

Spirit Stones

Blinding Flash gains the rune Faith in the Light.

When you use Serenity, party members within 20 yards also gain the effect.

Temporarily extends your Sweeping Wind to 30-40 yards.

Enemies stunned by lightning skills take 10% increased damage for 4-7 seconds afterwards.

Whenever you spend spirit there is a chance a second cast will randomly proc on an enemy, teleporting you to that spot. (I like the idea but the wording of it bothers me.)

Fist Weapons

Increases the duration of Exploding Palm to 30 seconds. (The damage would scale accordingly, meaning it would be something like 3500% weapon damage over the 30 seconds.)

Chance on hit to summon a clone that will instantly cast Seven-Sided Strike then disappear.

All damage you deal causes the target to bleed for X dmg over 3 seconds. (not sure if it should be 10% of the damage inflicted or if it should be a static number. I'm liking the % of damage dealt idea though.)

Stunned enemies deal 20-40% less damage for 3 seconds after recovering from the stun.

Gain Near Death Experience, the cooldown is increased to 90-120 seconds.

Whenever a demon dies, gain 1% dexterity for 5-12 seconds. This effect can stack 15-30 times.

Sweeping Wind now decays one stack at a time.

(The first time I posted an idea for this on the general forums it was to make HotHF - FoL into Lightning damage from physical, but that's already been done so not sure what to add for this weapon.)

For both of these fist weapon's I'd love to see individual effects like Danetta's along with a revamp of the 2 piece set bonus.


First off I'd like to have staves removed from monks smart loot as there is a difference between diabo's and staves.

Side note: Remove the Legendary Proc on Vigilance and apply it to a Daibo, not sure which as I have listed other ideas.

Reduces Momentum requirement to 15 yards.

Deadly Reach gains the effects of all runes.

Wave of Light now casts two additional bells/pillars, one on each side of the original. (I highly doubt this would ever be put into effect, but oh man it would be look and be so awesome!)

Holy abilities have a chance to blind enemies. For each enemy blinded, you gain 3-7% damage for 3 seconds.

Sweeping wind can now stack 5-8 times.

Again these are just my ideas/thoughts. I tried to not make them too game changing or game breaking but to add a bit of variety and fun into various builds or to create potentially new builds. If you have any ideas, thoughts, or comments please give feedback. :D
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Monk Specific Legendaries(17)June-16-2014 6:01 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
This is a good list of suggestions that is also very easy to read, and we definitely appreciate you taking the time to put it together. I've already passed it along for you, and hope to see more!
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