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Haunt/LS Damage on Gear not being applied(1)Category: Bug ReportsMay-16-2014 2:01 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
So, looks like the topic has at least been read, as the old post was locked.

Still, the more people who recognize that this is a bug, and that it needs to get fixed, the better.

There are rules to the Bug forum, and one of them is not simply bumping a thread. Therefore, I ask everyone to simply post what they have noticed about haunt/ls skill damage gear not being applied. That way, we can be sure to follow the rules, as well as raise awareness to the issue.

Anyways, Blues/Devs,

People, myself included, have tried gear with/without Haunt/Locust Swarm damage increasing modifiers, but the damage numbers do not change. You can see others talking about it on these threads:









http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/12673659752 (very informative)

If I missed any, please feel free to link them here. I stopped where I did because it is not my job to compile data to fix bugs.

There has been a blue response in the EU forums, but nothing on the US side. Can we see some sort of confirmation on this? Verification things are working as intended? Many of us are wasting a skill slot because of this and it would be great to find out how we should adjust our gear moving forward.

Thank you.

(Remember new posters, add useful information, including tests you have done, do not simply bump the thread for the sake of bumping. I will bump the thread in the WD forum to keep awareness up.)
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Haunt/LS Damage on Gear not being applied(64)June-3-2014 3:49 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hi Everyone,

Thanks for all of the reports about this. I just wanted to pop in here and let you all know that we are aware of this issue and have a potential fix in place internally that should resolve this. I obviously can't make any promises about when this fix may appear on live servers, but we are hoping to include it with our next game patch.

Thanks for your patience and all of the reports about this!
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