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Vote Kick System needs overhaul(1)Category: GeneralApril-24-2014 5:13 AM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
People are abusing the Vote kick system to get free bounty caches because of the restrictions on the kick system.

Generally every couple of games I get an AFK guy trying to get a free cache.

It's feasible because you can only kick so many people and the timers on when you're allowed to first kick someone normally doesn't end until 3 people can split kill 5 bounties.

Today I joined a game, did a bounty, noticed there were 3 AFKer's in the Survivors Enclave and was forced to leave.

The AFK Kick System needs to allow kicks earlier and more frequently. I know Blizzard was originally afraid people would abuse it and kick too often, but the opposite has happened and the restrictions have encouraged people (possibly even simple bots) to go into a game, sit afk in town and get free caches without fear of removal from the kick system.
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Vote Kick System needs overhaul(5)April-25-2014 5:15 PM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
I’ve seen several threads concerned with the Vote Kick system recently, and I’ve got some news to share with you about it.

We’ve recently taken some time to reevaluate how Vote Kick was working and agree that it does have some problems in its current iteration. Public games (and private games too) have changed since Reaper of Souls launched, so the Vote Kick system definitely deserves a little attention to make sure that it still provides value to players, rather than being an inconvenience or a hindrance to group gameplay.

To assist with that, we’re removing some of the restrictions on when players can be Vote Kicked from a group (including the restriction that Vote Kick could only be used in public games), as well as reducing some of the cooldowns that trigger after a successful Vote Kick has occurred. The goal of these changes is to give multiplayer groups a bit more control over their party, while still preventing abuse of the system. We're currently on track to have these updates ready for an upcoming patch, but we don’t have an ETA to share at this point.
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