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BOA or Rift Closing most frustrating thing in ROS?(1)Category: GeneralApril-14-2014 6:13 AM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
So atleast 95% of the players in this game agrees BOA has to go and now more than half of my friends refuse to play this game with me everyone says they are frustrated by BOA we cannot trade and they cannot get a single good drop its a miserable disappointing situation that no one wants to be a part off. BOA creates a look at me and be jelly mentality like owning gold collection avatars in Heroes of Newerth. Look at me and be jelly you will never have this alt hero costume but I will so look at me and cry some more"

BOA is supposed to be a whole new welcoming experience but in reality its a repulsive and parasitic experience and 95% of the players agree and if something isn't done about it then there will be no players left.

Then people are coming into the game speaking with orek and exiting immediately. So this way no one ever has to farm for gold anymore just join every game and speak with orek. In most cases they are either almost finished killing the rift guardian or already have done so.

I am going to do the same since Blizzard isn't going to fix this exploit. Makes no sense I farm for gold when I can get 100k in 4 seconds by stealing from others its so much easier.

Getting sickening of trolls who keep closing the rifts after you make it VERY clear to them not to do so.

There is no system put in place its like living in a country without any laws or anyone to enforce the laws.

Please put in a system where everyone must agree to close the rift after rift guardian dies and if 8 minute passes then anyone can close it automatically.

Getting really really annoyed at trolls ruining this game for everyone.

If I spend my fragments on MY rift I expect to get my time and fragments worth. There are epic awesome stages in rifts that has tons of elites and chests and armor/weapon racks and just like that a troll will close the rift and exit immediately. Its REALLY out of control now they are ruining the game for everyone.

Another solution is NO ONE should be allowed to close a rift is there is still someone inside it. But the best option is to only let the person who open the rift to be able to close it if you don't like it thats your problem because its MY RIFT

UPDATED here is an excellent post by a user that I think Blizzard should implement

Posted by: Lycinia

Let the person who opened the rift decide when to close it. If you don't like his/her style of play don't party with him/her next time. Simple enough. Someone who really needs to be in charge of rifts will also be someone who spends the most fragments.

Posted by: ZombieFodder

The simple thing to do is to have the rift guardian spawn after at least 95% of the mobs in the instance have been killed. This way you don't find yourself hunting that one mob that's hiding under a loose stone, and you can feel pretty confident that you've cleared the vast majority of the instance.
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You DO NOT have the right to close MY RIFT!!!(179)April-14-2014 4:09 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Just wanted to jump in say thanks for this discussion! I've already passed it along to our devs.

I've got a few follow-up questions, though. If you'll humor me. :)

Question #1: After killing a Rift Boss, do you prefer:
  • Clearing the Rift in its entirety before collecting your rewards?

- OR-
  • Collecting your rewards immediately, closing the Rift before clearing?

Question #2: In your opinion, what do you feel would be a happy medium between the two different playstyles (clearing Rifts vs. not clearing Rifts)?

Question #3: Why does having a Rift closed in a group before you have a chance to clear it (if you prefer that option) bother you or frustrate you? From a personal perspective, how does it negatively affect your gameplay? (Or does it even affect you?)

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You DO NOT have the right to close MY RIFT!!!(501)April-15-2014 11:10 AM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Thanks all! Really appreciate you all taking the time to answer my follow-up questions. :)
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Please Blizzard some Troll Control over rift closing?(872)May-21-2014 8:29 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
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