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So I've read about endless dungeons ...(1)Category: GeneralApril-1-2014 4:47 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
my own topic ...

/open rant

nephalim rift where suppose to be "endless" dungeons, ever changing ( the preview post even tease you : "How deep can you reach ? " .. they got me to bought the expension and start back playing ...

what a load of crap this is ... 4 level =/= endless dungeon ...

/end rant

aside from that, fun end game boss.
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So I've read about endless dungeons ...(4)April-1-2014 5:43 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
We're actually looking to expand upon Nephalem Rifts in our upcoming 2.1.0 patch, creating what we're internally calling "Tiered Rifts." In a way, Tiered Rifts are similar to an endless dungeon (or "topless tower," as Wyatt likes to call it) in that as you complete different tiers of Rifts, you can unlock more tiers. Another goal with Tiered Rifts is to provide a way for players to test and challenge themselves, and also compare their progression against the progress of other players.

Wyatt gave a sneak peek during our Live Q&A on March 24: http://diablo.somepage.com/news/1830-diablo-iii-reaper-of-souls-release-party

Q: Are there plans to add new end-game challenges in the months to come, similar to the Infernal Machine event?
Wyatt Cheng: New end game challenges... Josh mentioned that the first content patch is going to have Seasons. I'm happy to announce that there is another major feature coming in the patch 2.1, which is going to be what we're internally calling Tiered Rifts. The idea behind that is an actual challenge scenario, where players do increasingly hard Rifts, to try and see who can get the farthest.

The basic mechanics that we have working right now is: you go through the game in Adventure Mode, you do your Bounties, you do a Nephalem Rift. If you clear the Nephalem Rift, there's a chance to get what's called a Greater Rift Token. If you successfully clear the Greater Rift in a certain time limit, then you unlock a Greater Rift Key (Rank 2). If you clear that one, you get Rank 3, etc. Each one is harder than the previous one. Much like Seasons, we're looking at having a leaderboard as well, so you'll be able to compare your progress to the people on your Friends List, your Clan, and the whole region. You'll be able to see who got to the highest Tiered Rift, and what time were they able to obtain on that.

Tiered Rifts are still in development, so there aren't many additional details to share right now. We hope to provide more information in the coming weeks, though--so stay tuned!

Note: Since we experienced sound issues during the live recording, we don't yet have a VOD to share. We hope to be able to resolve the sound issues first and are troubleshooting that right now. If can't fix the audio, we'll provide a full transcript and maybe even re-record the Q&A in our own studio and answer some extra questions when we do! Sincere apologies for the delay on that. :)
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So I've read about endless dungeons ...(16)April-1-2014 6:48 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Cochise

Sounds like something a ladder would track...

I hear they're fun to climb. ;)

Q: Any new content you wanted to include in RoS, but didn't have enough time?

Josh Mosqueira: That's a really good question. One of the features you guys have asked about a lot, that we have done a lot of research for, is something called ladders. I'm happy to say that as part of our first big content patch in a couple of month, we will be releasing seasons, which will include a ladder-like aspect to them. We're still working on them, but the general gist is that you'll level up a new character, we'll have specific ladders for seasons, and also some goodies that will drop along the way. There's more information of that to come, and we're not making an announcement of when, but that's coming in the first major content patch.
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So I've read about endless dungeons ...(17)April-1-2014 6:49 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Nickamus

Will there be different leaderboards for HC vs. Normal players?

I am assuming that death in these rifts would still be permanent for HC players?

Is there any way to gauge what difficulty of monster will actually be in the tiers of rifts?

If I do a tier 2 rift and I get a tier 3 key, do I have to go back to Tier 1 rifts to get a new tier 2 key? If so, doesn't that seem disadvantageous to the HC players who do not want to take on the next tier based on their gear/comfort level?

Is it possible to use a Tier 3 key to instead open a lower leve tier rift than 3 (backwards compatibility)?

What, if any, are the tangible rewards for completing a higher tier rift (other than leaderboard progression)?

I don't have any of these specifics for you at this point, I'm afraid. Definitely something I can bring up with the dev team, though, to discuss during further development.
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