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[Guide] Monk's Tempest Rush and Grift Build[+Vid](1)Category: MonkOctober-12-2014 3:45 PM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
**********************Sovereign's Charge************************

Dear all,

Sometimes if one wishes to judge the depth of an ocean, a deep plunge is all that is required. This is a complete guide to monk's tempest rush skill and offers the most effective way to play with this skill on greater rifts. If you wish to see this build in action or if you would like to listen to this post, please follow the link to my video here:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nauUIiWOzdI&list=UUi4lw72qHjNwznCCD6RLiIQ

So here is the build that showcases all the skills used: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#cPYjSQ!bcfi!cacbYZ

Spirit VS Function

Tempest rush has always been used as a mobility skill by monks prior to patch 2.1. With spirit changes introduced to this skill, most of us were worried that this skill may fall out of use. But with the changes to Wukong's set, we might still be able to use this skill and deal decent amounts of damage. Ofcourse this skill is not perfect and will be altered in future, so this post will explain the best possible way to use this skill in Diablo 3 as of now.

Why to rush like the tempest?

This is a question that might be chasing you all this time. With monks being able to clear grift 41, why would one play with this skill and only clear grift 33 (or 35 with good gear). The answer to this would be simple; in terms of efficiency, there is no point but where Fists of flying dragon shines (Best monk build) shines on higher rifts, this one is particularly useful when farming for bounties, T6 rifts and Grifts.

The other advantage offered by this build is the use of entirely different legendaries and if you are still looking for a good flying dragon, this might provide solace to the weary! The gameplay itself is stress free and relatively easy on the player but most of all, if you are like me and enjoy different play styles, this might very well be the "new" build for you.

Stats Used:

Base sheet dps sits at 900k to 1 million when completely debuffed and under the effects of hexing pants. When running like the wind, this number will skyrocket to 1.7 million or more depending on your gear. Your HP sits comfortable at 350k+ and anything over 450k would be an overkill. Your all res is at 850+ and your armor at a standard of 15-17k. LoH of 10k, life regen of 25k+ and LaK over 15k. The good ol' trifecta stats lurk are as follows: 1.34 attacks per second with 45%+ ChC and 350%+ChD. The higher the ChD, the better things become, but this I am certain we all know. Elemental dps is all over the place as we have 20% on fire and holy and15% on lightning. If you were to add more elemental damage, it should certainly go to holy.


Laws of Seph: 6crit, 3 spirit regen and a socket with diamond in it

Sunwuko Shoulders+Amulet+Gloves (Good luck getting a nice amulet :) )

Cindercoat: 3 sockets and fire resource cost as low as possible

Bracers:Strongarm's with 20% holy damage and 6 crit

Belt: Thunder god's vigor (15 %lightning and all res)

Pants: Hexing pants of mr Yan

Crudest boots being not so crude after all, as they are BiS!

Rings: RRoG and any other ring with spirit regen if possible (i think its manald's heal, not sure).
Both rings must have a socket

Weapon: Any daibo would be great and a ramalandi's would be awesome but the one that directly benifits the build would be a Warstaff of general Quang's (with 5-6 spirit regen). Feel free to use any other daibo if you wish so.

This is where more could be done with the build and I welcome each and every suggestion you may have regarding the topic. I would recommend a Llv25+ Taeguk for DPS and toughness upgrade along with Wreath of lightning for dps and more mobility.
Unfathomable spirit:

Your gear should support at least 7 spirit, this can be obtained from spirit stone, weapon and if you are lucky, from the ring. Your passive and active skill grant you spirit regen too which in total nets you over 46 -50 spirit regen per second. This means that not only can you channel tempest rush indefinitely, but you can also spam the mantra and the spirit pool will not go down.
As the spirit accumulated, it can be expended by spamming sweeping wind and re-acquired by using blinding flash, mystic ally and epiphany. Spam the wind when possible but always take care to ensure that you always have enough to tempest rush.

Damage and Survivability:

Your DPS comes from constantly moving at all times. As you channel tempest rush, you trigger hexing pants buff, momentum passive and taeguk stacks which takes your sheet dps of 1 million to over 1.7. Tempest rush will now deal additional damage along with sweeping wind, wreath of lightning and sunwuko clones. All these damage sources deal low to moderate damage except for the sunwuko clones which are triggered every second for high crits(as you spend spirit and spam the mantra). To compare the crit numbers, my Fists of the flying dragon monk crits for 70 million whereas this monk crits for over 115 million. More of these clones can be spawned by spamming skills and their damage is temporarily buffed by blinding flash. A final worthwhile buff comes from strongarm bracers and using bluster on tempest rus knocks enemies back which help the bracers's damage buff to proc

Your survivability comes from using tempest rush as its knockback causes enemies to deal 20% less damage for 4 seconds. Taeguk provides a 20%+ armor buff and when you add epiphany desert shroud to the mix, you become very tanky.

The verdict:

This build offers a fun way to play as monk and allows you to deal respectable amounts of damage to enemies. Even though it is not competitive with fists of the flying dragon build, it still holds a certain charm and may find use for players who wish to experiment with their character or are on their way to gearing for the best build.

You and Tempest rush:

It is clear that this skill require re-tweaking for this and other builds to be effective on higher levels of greater rifts. So here is where we can discuss how the skill can be improved. Any suggestions you may have, please do share them here and as always, I promise to pass them along to our awesome community managers.

My suggestion would be to simply buff the dps output of the skill so as to match its high spirit cost. The cost should stay same as it helps with sunwuko build but the damage of skill should be increased to make it a viable choice for players. Maybe one of the existing legendary can be changed to include a buff to the skill, maybe a belt!

In the end, any questions you may have, please leave them here and I will be sure to answer them all.

Warm regards,
Holy Hermit
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Thanks Mr. HolyHermit, this is great stuff :-)

Added it to our Guides and Resources sticky: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/10831563658
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