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Recent Hotfix to Monk Passive Unity(1)Category: GeneralMarch-27-2014 2:59 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hey everyone,

We’ve recently implemented a major hotfix for the Monk passive, Unity. With this hotfix, we’ve capped the number bonus damage stacks provided by the passive to 4. This means the maximum amount of bonus damage that can be achieved with Unity by the casting player is 20%, which is still fairly powerful compared to most class passive abilities.

Unity’s design intent is to make players feel powerful when fighting side by side with their allies. The fantasy behind the passive is based on the idea that travelling with your Mystic Ally, follower, and other players can make you stronger and more adept at fighting your foes—which is great! At the moment, however, depending on your group make-up, the returns from Unity are vastly over-performing compared to other passives as well as other classes.

We know nerfs never feel particularly great, but with a singular passive standing so far above other abilities, we hope you understand why this was the appropriate action to take. We’re aiming to provide as much transparency and clarity on these kinds of changes as possible, and we’re thankful for your patience and understanding!
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