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[VUDU] WD-Main Forum Clan: RECRUITING(1)Category: Witch DoctorMarch-1-2014 8:48 PM PST (10 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Come veteran voodoo walkers, chaos is upon us! We've been waiting for your return from a quest for visions. The tribe needs everything you can bring to bearz on these hideous new threats to the realm. Vile upheavals have shredded wisdom and the balance of power. The canyons through damnation melt into eternity, gulping the blood of the innocent. We must heal this wound in creation! Together, send an army of living death to swarm the void...

[4.29.2016 Update]

VUDU clan is currently OPEN!. We are an all Witch Doctor-mains clan heavily based out of this forum. Active since day 1, over 1.5 years. Survivor of WD clans MOJO, KIBO and parts of HEX. Fun and funky, fresh and functional. We stay that way by keeping activity high: we boot inactive accounts every 30+ days. Guaranteed to always have at least someone on ;) Lots of theorycrafting, lootsharing, group runs, and hijinx. If you'd like to join this madhouse, please post the following:

1) Battletag
2) Main WD's name + Paragon level (500+ req)
3) Time zone + Play frequency
4) Why VUDU Clan?
6) Why WD is best class...

Thank you, and good luck witchy ones!

Clan Name:

Clan Tag:

Clan Rules:
0. Witch Doctor main - passion for WD class. {RoS required}
1. Helpful answers - no false game info
2. Threats / harassment = boot city
3. Loot theft / binding loaned items = bootsville
4* Gameplay frequency: 30+ days offline is bad juju...and bootopolis
5. Forum Presence: encouraged, fun, yay!
6. Paragon 500+ now required

*Play frequency enforced. Want to keep VUDU lively in the D3 community. Vacations cool, plz let a leader know so we don't boodoo you while you're gone <3

Clan Leaders:

Clan Roster:
~115 / 150 (after pre-patch lull and migration to Omega)

Wish we could take you all.
May da voodoo be wit yoo.
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[VUDU] US WD Forum Clan - OPEN(501)February-19-2015 5:45 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
The posting cap for this thread has been increased!
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Thanks for the quick post count extension grimiku. I was looking for update on removing inactive members and adding new ones when I saw the thread was locked. Anyways always waiting for an invite. Enjoy everthing about WD and now trying to help first time WDs in season 2. I love seeing all these first timers trying out WD in season 2. This class saves a lot of people from quiting, as it did me.
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1) SpeedWeed#1329
2) SMK
3) 2-3 hours a day
4) GMT +8
5) overall fun to play. fond memories of my d2 LOD days.
6) actually have no fav transmog. i don't pay too much attention to it tbh.

probably looking to start seasons with WD
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1) bigboss#1499 paragon 89 (old VUDU member rawr1234#1628, coming back in season 2 on new account)

2) Quiet
3) Early morning 7am or late at night 11pm
4) GMT-5 (est)
5) Variety in builds, fun spells, cool character!
6) Don't care much about xmog!

I have around 15 hours spent in season 2 and I already got my SMK/Tiklandian. Hoorah! Want to push greater rifts with my zdps build!

Cya around doctors!
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1) Sarkonis#1887 - PL 489
2) Sarkonis
3) 1-3hrs nightly
4) UTC -6: Central Standard
5) Builds! Carndoc...TikiSac...Jade...MoJ PetDoctor!!! Order now and we'll include 15 kneecapping fetishes for the price of one!!!!
6) I always go back to Zuni helm and The Helm of Command (or whatever it's called now)

Started a seasonal WD. He's only about 58 now. One of the drawbacks of playing solo most nights is starting over means starting over... wow I don't remember it being this painful :). See you in game.

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1) Primal#1696 PL- 624
2) Primal
3) Weekdays 2-4 hours day, weekends 3-6hours day
4) PST
5) I love my pet army, I don't care if there are "stronger classes" I love the diversity and play style of my Pet doc and its all I play now and have for over 6 months.
6) I like my basic transmog pieces I used on my WD right now with the dark green dye.

I have been fairly active on the forums, and always try to be positive. I would enjoy being a part of the Vudu chat and becoming more active in group games. Thanks.
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Been hoping to join this clan ever since the beginning. Now leaving HEX as it is pretty much dead. Been playing primarily WD since beta.

1) Nocturnal#1164 Paragon 434
2) Shakalu
3) few hours a week
4) Central
5) Voodoo, raining toads, Zombie BEARS, fetishes... need I say more?
6) I am still waiting on a normal SMK, Furnace/SK, and have yet to a Quetz drop, only gifted from others. Any of those would be fantastic.

Hope to see you in game!
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Been playing witch doctor since launch day, am still in love with the class, and am looking to play with people who share that love (and those items. XD)

1) Popo 1478, Paragon 223 Seasonal, 292 on Main.
2) Moqorro, although my seasonal is infinitely better geared atm.
3) 3 hours/ day
4) Pacific
5) Legendaries and sets have the biggest effect on playstyle. And dem pets.
6) Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker!
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1) Nigh#1119 + 366 Paragon
2) Nigh (non season)
3) Easy 3 hours a day
4) CST
5) The pets!
6) Arreat's Law
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1: Ragedbull#1334, Paragon 654
2: Rumplfugly (Jade) or Weaponary (DoD or SMK builds).
3. Daily
4. EST
5. Most diversity of any class in the game. Others are pretty pigeonholed but WD had tons of variance - hence why I have Jade, DoD, and Pet heard and builds
6. Visage of Giyua

Formerly of HEX as well. Left yesterday since nobody is ever around.
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