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Just did my 4th run through of the game....received a legendary on the first 3 but the forth I did not.
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For now, the Skeleton King should still be dropping a guaranteed Legendary item whenever you kill him after using the Reset Quest feature. However, it's a bug that it drops from Skeleton King instead of Diablo. We plan on moving that guaranteed Legendary from Skeleton King to Diablo in the future, but that didn't make it in time for patch 2.0.2. So if you've been doing full Campaign clears then you can expect your guaranteed Legendary item from Skeleton King for now, as long as you keep using the Reset Quest option. :)

Personally, last thing he dropped for me was a Nagelring that rolled near perfect Magic Find, but mid-range everything else. Anyone get a great item from him yet?

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Posted by: Minsc

Does this work for lvl 60 chars too? :3

Level 60 characters will be able to get a guaranteed Legendary item if they use the Reset Quest option in Campaign mode. So, yes! It'll work for level 60 chars, too.
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