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The no gen, no ls, no respect HotA build(1)Category: HardcoreFebruary-17-2014 4:11 PM PST (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
With RoS around the corner I thought I would do an homage write-up of the build that has given me so much enjoyment over the past year. I never see anyone running this build short of a few friends who have tried it, hence the no respect tag line. However, I am of the humble opinion that this is the best pure HotA build for farming purposes with a number of dynamic elements that make it continually fun to play. So if you think you might enjoy literally leaping into the middle of a horde of mobs and one-shotting whole clusters of mobs, if you think you might enjoy going toe-to-toe with elites standing in molten plague with lasers bathing you while your teammates have retreated– this is the build for you! My current setup can handle just about anything the game can throw at me. I am often tasked with solo preclearing mp9/10 elites in full crypt games. It’s a lot of tense fun and keeps you on your toes, including one time when I found myself fighting three mp10 packs at once! Anyway, if you have the patience stay awhile…any questions, critiques, or comments welcome.

Here is my current incarnation:

Here are my current d3up numbers:

The Build:

Hammer of the Ancients-Thunderstrike: Thunderstrike is widely recognized as superior for general all purpose play so I won’t get into its advantages too much. Bigger hitbox means better fury gen. You will be killing things quick which means lots of group and elite stuns. Try to position your hammer strikes so you hit more than one monster at a time and hit the weakest enemy next to an elite to stun them. For ubers, use smash.

Rend-bloodlust: This is your primary or in my case only means of sustain. It will keep you going through just about anything. Always make sure you refresh it especially fighting against elites and try to fish for a crit rend when fighting elites with no regular monsters around. I once thought I was a goner when I got trapped standing on three! arcane turrents on mp10 in the warriors rest. Popped wrath, laid down a rend and survived for 4-5 secs until I could get out.

Leap-Call of Arreat: Imagine if you could combine dashing strike and cyclone strike into one skill. That’s what this rune does. Sure, it has a cooldown and the vortex is not nearly as strong as cyclone strike, but this baby generates fury instead of costing resource. It gives you pinpoint positioning and maximizes the functionality of HotA and Rend by grouping monsters on you. Most see leap as an escape skill, but this rune offers so many other uses that I consider it the lynchpin of the build. Here is a secret most don’t know about: Call of Arreat doubles the aoe of leap which means double the range for proc-ing fury gen (20% proc rate). I can go on about the synergies of leap-call of arreat.

Wrath of the Berserker-Insanity: I like seeing big crit numbers and I like feeling like I can go super saiyan when needed. Besides, going permawrath imposes steep gearing requirements that for most budgets, including mine, means sacrificing how hard I hit for attack speed. Use it sparingly and when you do pop it, you will truly feel powerful.

Warcry-Impunity: people on the sc side see warcry as a sign of an “inefficient build.” Lol, warcry is one of the best buffs in the game: a renewable source of fury, adds about 400-500k ehp for me, and buffs everyone else too.

Battlerage-Into the Fray: not much to add here. This is the fury engine for almost non-stop HotA.

Nerves of Steel: You want lots of str/vit for this build, which means you will have lots of armor with this passive. I almost always have 10k+ armor on my matured barbs. This passive just gives you double functionality on your core stats. Also, even if you get better sheet armor using tough as nails make sure you check again after using warcry. Warcry buffs on top of the added armor from vit in nerves of steel but does not factor in the armor buff from tough as nails. So you may have higher armor with tough as nails but once you use warcry may find nerves of steal to be higher.

Ruthless: This build is about raw damage, so if its a choice between ruthless and weapon master, always choose ruthless.

Weapon master/Brawler/Superstition: These are all good and offer different options to cover up weak areas in your gear. If you are lacking in crit chance, like my current setup, then use weapon master. If you are lacking in mitigation and/or want smoother fury generation use superstition. Brawler, however will take your damage/sustain through the roof in exactly the situations this build thrives in.
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The no gen, no ls, no respect HotA build(11)February-20-2014 1:00 PM PST (5 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
This looks like a really fun build, LearnedHand. Have you made a compatible version with the changes that are on the way with patch 2.0.1?
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