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Mob density in greater rifts...(1)Category: GeneralAugust-27-2014 3:16 AM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
So after a long pause i jumped into the game again and completed my first two greater rifts (lvl 24 and 25 i think).

I was pretty happy about the density in these rifts and I completed them both in the first 2 floors.
On my third greater rift it took me 6 floors just to get the bar to about 75%...

How am I supposed to get it to 100% in time, when there are so few monsters in these floors?
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Mob density in greater rifts...(5)August-27-2014 6:38 AM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
There is indeed an issue where some Greater Rifts cannot be completed due to the density of enemies being too low. In some cases this can also happen if the Greater Rifts are filled with weak enemies. This is of course not intended to happen, so we are looking into preventing the occurrence of such rifts.

Here's a question to those of you who have been unfortunate to happen upon a Rift that could not be completed; was it a regular Rift or a Greater Rift, or perhaps both?
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Mob density in greater rifts...(40)September-23-2014 2:21 AM PDT (7 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
We are investigating the circumstances preventing some rifts from being completed due to a lack of sufficient monsters left to fill your progress bar, but we would like some additional information from you that could help us identify any remaining monster density issues.

If you could not complete a rift because you ran out of monsters, our QA Team would like to know about it—as such they would appreciate if you would please head over to our Bug Report forums and answer the questions posted in this thread.

(Please Note: Even though our Bug Report forums are located on the NA forums, everyone can post there regardless of what region they normally play Diablo III in)
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