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Paragon Crit Chance nerf = CD 50/50(1)Category: RoS General FeedbackFebruary-12-2014 7:31 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Nerfing the CC max to 5% from 10%... means I'm instead dumping 50 points into CD and anything beyond that into IAS. Seriously, if this is an attempt to diversify our options regarding the Offense tab, it's a huge fail as your internal stats will no doubt show everyone stacking CD now instead of CC (with a minority stacking IAS for certain builds).

No one is going to invest in CC as 0.10 per stat point doesn't compare to the other dps options, (notice how I'm not even mentioning cool-down because the capability of getting this from gear and abilities makes it a wasted option here in its current allocation?).

On the other hand, if this is merely an attempt to nerf our overall dps, stat diversity be damned, then job well done as I lost ~10% of my total buffed DPS. Other people probably lost more.

I ain't mad, it's just frustrating to continue encountering instances, where, instead of making other options equally worthy, you just bring out the blizzard nerf bat, (probably aluminum - easier to swing).
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Paragon Crit Chance nerf = CD 50/50(14)February-13-2014 3:34 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Fishsticks

They're buffing/nerfing based on data, and nothing else. Everybody was spec'ing into crit, so they nerfed crit.

Data plays a factor because it tends to send up flags about certain issues, but it isn't the only definitive reason we make changes. Data tends to highlight areas for us to investigate, as a notification of “hey, we should probably look at this again.” From there, we'll go over the math, theorycrafting, internal play tests, and external play tests and verify if we need to take action. In this particular case, mathematically speaking, the weight of Paragon points was a too favorable for Critical Hit Chance. It was brought down to be more in line, point for point, with the other Paragon stat choices.

Well ... the math actually works out pretty well in favor of this change.

Assume 40CHC 400CHD 30IAS 15% <elemental> damage and 50% of your total damage is <element>

5% CHC = 7.69% increased total dps
50% CHD = 7.69% increased total dps
10% IAS = 7.69% increased total dps
15% <elemental> = 6.98% increased total dps

As you can see, these stats are all relatively competitive with each other.

This was, and is, the intent for the Paragon system. We don't want there to be a mathematically clear choice in terms of points spent, and having some stats be more valuable for different builds is certainly a desirable outcome. Some stats might squeak ahead by a small margin, simply because they inherently scale differently, but we do want to try to get them as close as possible.
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Paragon Crit Chance nerf = CD 50/50(20)February-13-2014 5:09 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Fury

Paragon "attack speed" actually adds attacks per second to the base speed of the weapon, before all other attack speed bonuses are applied multiplicatively. Ala vanilla Echoing Fury. So a two-handed axe always gets exactly 10% bonus from 50 paragon points, while a dagger only gets 6.67%.

This is actually a bug. It should be fixed before the 2.0.1 patch comes to live realms.
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