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reread the mystic description [copied below described by Blizzard for RoS (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/blog/11337855)]:

Have you ever looted an item whose stats were almost perfect, but one property just wasn't quite what you had hoped for? Or perhaps you found an item you love, but are starting to outgrow its power? With Enchanting, you will be able to reroll one property on a Rare or Legendary item simply by speaking to Myriam, opening up her Enchant menu, and then paying a material cost. It's that easy!

While not all properties can be rerolled, most can, and you'll be able to reroll a single property over and over again, as many times as you like. This allows Enchanting to feel meaningful, while still allowing lots of room for you to hunt for even better base items (which, of course, you can then Enchant into even more powerful items, and so on)."

To answer your question Blizzard, I have looted an item that I would love to reroll. I pre-ordered RoS so I could, but now you say I can't :-( Is this fair? Appropriate?
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Concern over Blizzard Advertsing(21)February-5-2014 10:13 AM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
The blog in question is a First Look blog, as DeadRu has mentioned. This means it was intended to provide an inside look at the current development state and functionality of the Mystic, at the time it was written.

We've always said that details can and likely will change over the course of development. This happens to be one of those times.

Originally, we did want to give players this opportunity. We didn't want to invalidate or take away player options. However, it became increasingly evident through testing that artifacts of the old itemization system could become overpowered through enchanting, especially so with certain items. This is why testing is so important, and it was a decision that took some time to make.

I'd also like to throw out there that some players seem to think this means you can't enchant level 1-60 items at all, when that isn't true. Items gained prior to the 2.0.1 patch hitting the live servers will be unable to be enchanted. Anything you gain after the patch launches and before the expansion, however, are eligible to be enchanted.
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Concern over Blizzard Advertsing(73)February-5-2014 11:42 AM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: OneL

Ah, so it's a case of "True at the time, untrue now"!

Don't you guys think that maybe, just maybe, this policy of yours to dish out information that can be retracted at any point is a little problematic?

As Nevalistis noted, the goal of each of the "first look" blogs we've published (there's been a few: the Mystic, Westmarch, Adventure Mode, and the Crusader) has been to provide players a first look at the development of certain features in Reaper of Souls. They're not wholesale previews; rather, they're a snapshot of what's being worked on. It's a way for us to include our community in the development process and feel involved -- or, at the very least, informed. Same can be said for all the posts we've made about the expansion, too.

For the Mystic "first look" blog specifically, it never actually says that Legacy items can be enchanted, even though Legacy items could be enchanted at the time the blog was made (since that was the intended design at the time). As a result, we got a lot of questions for clarification, and in the posts where we did state that Legacy items could be enchanted, we very likely prefaced the information with the caveat that the functionality is as of current design and/or was subject to change based on testing and additional development. We actually say this about most everything in Reaper of Souls -- to the point where some have lovingly mocked us for it -- as until something is shipped, it's subject to change. And even then, it's possible that we'll make adjustments to a feature that's gone live, if we feel it'll make the in-game experience better.

Getting back to your main point, though, the alternative would be not to communicate any information until development is 100% complete and those changes are already out the door. That's not a scenario we're super keen on, so it's highly unlikely that we'll shift our approach and not talk about future content. We want to share information with players during development cycles, and we want you to know what's coming. Not only does this give players the opportunity to provide feedback and be a part of the development process directly, but it also enables you to make informed decisions about the product itself. That last part is also very important to us.

I definitely understand where you're coming from, and why you're suggesting that we just never talk about upcoming content until is 100% certain. There are upside and downsides to everything, though. In this case, the downside of our approach is that when something is still in development, that thing is likely to go through multiple changes -- changes that may not always be favorable to you personally. The upside of our approach is you know we'll communicate those multiple changes to you, too. Our current approach allows for much more transparency, and (ideally) empowers you guys more than if we just didn't talk about anything at all.

PS - I think it's important to call out that, when it comes to content that's in development and not yet final, we don't always know that a change is needed until it's needed. Or that we're going to change something until we know that we're going to change something. By this I mean, when we share information with our players about something that's still in development (like how a feature works, for example), the information we share is always true when we communicate it. It's not like we're sharing stuff we already know is going to change before it ships. We just always provide that "subject to change" caveat, because we realize, with testing and feedback, changes may be required that we can't always anticipate.

*Edited some items for clarity! Also, typos. =/
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Concern over Blizzard Advertsing(104)February-5-2014 12:18 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Doctor

Hi lylirra

I just want to point out that as a community manager it is your responsibility to communicate between players and game developers. You want feedback on your changes, well look at the forum and the posts people have about your current decision on Not allowing legacy enchant, see how many people hate that idea. It's a vast majority of us. Should you feedback that to the person who made that terrible decision in the first place? Thanks. I hope they change their mind on this, otherwise most of us will not be happy!

Hi Doctor. :) To answer your question, yup we are actively passing on player feedback in response to this change to our developers.
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