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Magic weapon :deflection BUG updated channeling!(1)Category: PTR Bug ReportsJanuary-16-2014 8:03 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
the bug is the title when you use magic weapon deflection and you attack your shield doesnt stack up its stuck at 1650 which is absolutely nothing please fix this

UPDATE: i found exactly whats bugged and why it didnt work the issue is this it doesnt work while channeling your skills like arc lightning electrocute every channeling skill doesnt trigger the shield affect its treating the channeling as a DoT skill which its not channeling is series of hits now if you press the channeling skills by clicking on the mouse couple of times it will work since its individual activation of the skills but if you channel it doesnt work! please fix this channeling aint a dot its series of hits! but to make this skill not insanely op because with high attackspeed + channeling you can hit insane amount of times in a sec i think you should do is: "stacks can occur once every 0.25 seconds" so the skill will be more stable!

i found out that some skills does work! gonna test all the channeling skills and ill be back with an answer

i finished testing i posted it in this thread enjoy
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Magic weapon :deflection doesnt stack shield(2)January-16-2014 8:48 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hi Overblaze,

You may not fully understand how this skill works, or I am not understanding what you are reporting.

Here's a breakdown of how Magic Weapon works with Deflection:

When you channel a spell like, say, electrocute and hold down the attack button, it will charge your shield. Then, when you release the button, you will start to slowly lose your "stacks" of shield. Then, once you begin attacking again, you will begin to gain shield again as if you had no stacks of the shield at all. The byproduct of this is that it may appear that you aren't gaining stacks of shield if you are only periodically attacking. What is actually happening is the amount of shield you are gaining has to "catch up" with the amount you have remaining for the shield overlay on the health globe UI to begin to rise again.

The behavior I just described is intended. If you are describing another issue, or if I misunderstood you, please feel free to reply and clarify and we will take another look.
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Magic weapon :deflection BUG updated channeling!(24)January-24-2014 2:25 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hi Guys,

Thanks for all the extra info! I read all your replies and our team took another good look at Magic Weapon based on the info you provided. There were a few issues active in the current Beta/PTR version of the game (that mostly line up with what you all have reported here), but all of these issues have since been resolved internally and you should see these fixes present in the next Beta/PTR patch.

Thanks again for all the reports!
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