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Survival bonus is happening?(1)Category: GeneralJanuary-15-2014 2:48 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
So after getting a nice Blizzard answer on BoA, we might get survival bonus too? Best RoS-hype day ever...

From Diablo-fans


Pools of Reflection Bonus:
Experience gains increased by {s1}%
Bonus Pool remaining: {s2}
This effect is lost if you die.

Please 1001 gods, let it be true.
Would make SC so much better.
Though it should also add MF, but hell, an improvement is an improvement, even if it is not perfect.

What do people think about a survival bonus like this (regardless if it actually happens or not)?
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Survival bonus is happening?(21)January-21-2014 7:11 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Narull

It seems to be percentage based off your current lvl, A pool gives I think(I have a horrible memory so could be wrong) 0.5% of your total exp for that lvl as bonus exp.

Just wanted to note that there's a display issue with the bonus being provided. I described some of the other Pool of Reflection mechanics here, but I'll bullet point myself for visibility's sake. =)

  • Despite the bonus being listed at 0.25% experience, it's actually providing 25% bonus experience. This is a known bug.
  • Each additional Pool of Reflection claimed increases the duration of the buff by 10% of the experience required for you to reach your next level/Paragon level.
  • You can see how much bonus experience you have left to benefit from by hovering over your Experience bar.
  • The bonus experience persists on logout, but is lost if you die.

As one more point of clarification, this experience does affect all experience gains (including Quest/Bounty/Rift Completion/Event experience bonuses). However, the bonus isn't currently reflected in the UI at this time.
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