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[D.I.Y.] Design your own Exploding Palm (2.1)(1)Category: MonkJuly-9-2014 3:17 PM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
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Dear all,
Before I say anything else, here is a promise, the discussion we are about to have here will be seen by our beloved blizzard. So only reading and not sharing your opinion is not an option for you :)

Sometimes a post ends up writing itself when the topic to be covered is something that has been bothering a lot of people. We all know one thing for certain, monk's exploding palm will be altered for reason most of us understand, so this post will aim to cover the future of the skill. If you wish to watch this in video format and wish to know why and what are the reasons behind the change, please follow the link below to a video:

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X54Q2QcCs_Q&list=UUi4lw72qHjNwznCCD6RLiIQ

So the only request I have here is to keep the discussion positive, meaning, the post should aim to focus on the changes we all can bring to the skill to make it more appealing in the future, rather than focusing on why it's being changed or whether its broken or not (it is :) ).

The Quest:
The one and only aim for this post is to come up with suggestions that can make exploding palm even better (but not overpowered) in Patch 2.1. This means if you were to design or re-design the skill, how would it work? If your suggestion goes beyond just the base effect of skill and delves in to runes, that would be spectacular. As an example, I have made my version of this skill and described it in the video along with runes, you can also find my version right at the end of this post. So time to get creative and let's see what we as a community can do to make our beloved class better in 2.1.

A humble suggestion from my side would be to think of the place exploding palm fulfils, it's not a DPS skill (it is but in a very un-conventional way) as this job is performed by WoL, SSS, LTK. Neither is the skill meant for crowd control, we have Blinding flash, Inner Sanctuary, Cyclone Strike or that. It is also not meant for team support as monk has an array of mantras to take care of that issue.

What I understand from this skill is its innate initiating ability which concludes to a final peak where large damage is dealt. In the meantime, its runes give you small buffs to help you reach to its final state. So in essence, it's a skill that comprises of multiple functions in itself.
Extra care must be taken to make the skill fulfil what monk lacks, and here is where it's all on you. If you feel monks lack a certain edge, chances are, that attribute can be given to this skill, so good luck!

Base effect: An enemy is marked with exploding palm and takes 3000% of weapon damage over 9 seconds. If the enemy is killed during the duration, 9000% weapon damage is dealt to surrounding enemies in a radius of 40 yards. The radius of explosion can be increased by pickup radius.

Incandescing gaze (Lightning)
All enemies within 40 yards are immobilised for 3 seconds after applying the exploding palm. Marked target takes an additional 30% damage for 9 seconds.

Second rune: Hallowed touch (Holy)
Enemy marked with exploding palm gets charmed for 3 seconds and taunts nearby enemies. If enemy dies during the charm effect, the explosion deals an additional 3000% weapon damage.

Third Rune: Beckoning stance (Physical)
Placing a palm reduces the cost of your next spirit spender by 50%. In addition, your cooldown reduction stats are reduced by 5% each time a palm is casted. This effect can stack up to 3 times and a total of 15% and resets after 9 seconds.

Fourth Rune: Calming winds (Cold)
Enemy afflicted with exploding palm freezes for 3 seconds and has its attack speed and movement speed reduced by 60%. If the enemy dies within 9 seconds, this affliction is spread to all enemies in 40 yards.

Fifth rune: Essence burn (Fire)
All enemies including the marked enemy take 4500% weapon damage as fire over 9 seconds, if the enemy dies with 9 seconds, this effect can spread to nearby enemies.

This is what my clan mates and I came up with after a long discussion so if you like it, please say so, or even better, add your own version and share it with the rest of us. As always, I will be here to answer any queries if need be.

Warm regards,
Holy Hermit
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[D.I.Y.] Design your own Exploding Palm (2.1)(7)July-10-2014 7:36 AM PDT (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: HolyHermit

the discussion we are about to have here will be seen by our beloved blizzard

Just wanted to drop in and confirm this. Constructive discussions are always appreciated, as these often leads to valuable feedback, so please do not hesitate to share your opinions :-)
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