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Dear all,

Monk's have always been known for their ability to consistently do burst damage, but where every other class can do it every now and then, monks can keep bursting a target until it has passed into oblivion. Patch 2.0 gave us a buff in this area by enabling our lashing tail kick to do tons of damage in a small area. This skill is unique and stands out from other spirit spenders as it costs a lot less spirit and therefore, damage per spirit spent output is extremely high. In all, LTK is a great skill that is currently being used by most monks in sanctuary and here I will try to explain it all in great detail.

As always, I urge you all to look at the video guide posted here that explains everything you need to know about the skill; but if you wish to read the info, here is what I think of the skill.

VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9AqUEpqc5Q&list=UUi4lw72qHjNwznCCD6RLiIQv

With changes to our spirit generators, we cannot generate a lot of spirit in quick succession. This means that using high cost spirit spenders such as Cyclone strike and bells are not the best skills anymore. So in comes LTK with very respectable damage and low spirit cost. The AOE coverage of the skill certainly is low but the damage more than makes up for it.

Meaning this skill covers four different elemental damage types like physical, fire, cold and lightning. This lets a player choose this skill gladly no matter what elemental damage the player is stacking. Depending on the discipline of your elemental damage, you can use LTK or "kicks" to CC enemies which is not offered by bells making this skill all the more useful. Fire and lighting monks are in fashion these days but do not underestimate the power of physical monk or the shrewdness of a cold monk. All this is explained in the video.

We all know how to stack elemental damage but it is the spirit stones that make this skill more fun. Whether you use a straightforward Gyan na Kashu or do an epic mojo with inner sanctuary spirit stone. Kekegi is fun and so is pride's fall. All these items sync very well with this skill and future monks will find ways to utilise them to a great advantage. Hopefully this Humble Hermit will share his ways with you in the future. Focus on getting elemental damage from all items but use helm for unique gameplay mechanics, this is something that separates a veteran from new players.

Damage bonus:
This is where I need your help, please do add items that stacks elemental bonus to this list. I am sure I might have missed a few. So let's cover all four damage bonus one can get:

Weapon: 20% (Doombringer)
Helm: 20% (Andys)
Amulet: 20% (Ouroboros or any other legendary)
Ring: 20% (SoJ)
Bracers: 20% (Any legendary one)
So I believe thats a total of 100% physical damage stack on top of your sheet DPS, lets look at the next one

Weapon: 40% (Sankis + Devastator)
Helm: 20% (andys)
Chest: 20% (Cindercoat)
Amulet: 20% (Any legendary one, ouroboros)
Ring: 20% (SoJ)
Gloves: 20% (Magefist)
Bracers: 20% (any Legendary one)
A total of 160% weapon damage bonus if you wish to push the fire kicks to the limit.


Weapon: 20% (Azure, this is an awesome weapon for monks btw)
Helm: 20% (Andys)
Amulet: 20% (Any legendary)
Ring: 20% (SoJ)
Gloves: 15% (Frostburns, they are finally OP!!!)
Bracers: 20% (Any legendary)
So even a cold monk can be viable with a 115% cold damage bonus to skills

Weapon: 45% (WKL + Odyn's Son)
Helm: 20% (Andys,is everywhere!!)
Amulet: 20% (any legendary)
Ring: 20% (SoJ)
Belt: 15% (Thundergod's vigor)
Bracers: 20% (Any legendary)
Set Bonus: 15% (Raiment of....Kali's wrath)
Lightning at 145% bonus wrapping up this section. I might very well have missed an item or two here. So please let know and I will add it to the list.

As of now, LTK is monk's main nuking skill in D3. Use it wisely with the appropriate damage source and you can wreck enemies of high torments. Please make sure to use exploding palms to extend the reach of your kicks and use the right spirit generator that helps the punch kick combo.

I have been noticing many players using DR scattered blows with every possible spirit spender. The skill is good for doing damage (bear in mind the damage is very moderate as it is less than 150%) but is not the best choice when you wish to use LTK as a kick can very well miss if you try to use it right after a DR combo, therefore, I would recommend you to use FoT instead.
With regards to palms, use strong spirit to keep those kicks flying or FiW to hasten enemies' demise. You can never go wrong with EP but there is a secret to using this skill as well (which i plan to cover in the upcoming video).

In the end, I wish you the best of luck with building a Kick Monk, this guide aims to help new players understand the mechanics of the kick and tries to aid veterans in making the most out of their build. So please ask me anything about this skill and I will be sure to continue our conversation.

I wish you all the very best with your monk and hope that you all get the best of loot.

Warm regards,
Holy Hermit
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[Guide] Monk InDepth - Lashing tail kick [+Video](4)May-5-2014 2:35 AM PDT (8 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
A really nice video guide Holy Hermit, thanks for taking the time to posting it here :-)
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