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Hang On A Second...*No Ladder*?(1)Category: Reaper of SoulsNovember-12-2013 5:48 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
EDIT: Things seem to have changed since the original thread and I'm a little confused at this point. For a while we've been hearing about Ladder and the devs have been chatting about it as if it was a given.

<- Travis Day discussing Paragon xp and Ladder interaction, not even 2 months ago.

However there are nasty rumours circulating now that Ladders have been gutted from release and (at best) we can hope for some news half a year after release.

Now...okay. I would be unhappy if Ladders were cancelled (or given the PvP treatment) but I'd just like to know one way or the other.

This is actually more important than you think.

If Blizzard does decide to hold back Ladder for half a year, as some MVPs are requesting (in order to give people who have been grinding Paragon a chance to show off) it means that anyone who has not been grinding Paragon in expectation of the quasi reset Ladder will bring is going to be at a *big* disadvantage.

Blizzard mentioned a bit back that people who have been grinding Paragon pre expansion will not have a massive advantage when it releases...which I hoped meant Ladder.

I'm looking forward to Ladder and if it's going to be released with or very shortly after the expansion, I'll probably relax and enjoy other games until then. If not...well, I'd best start grinding that xp :|.
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Hang On A Second...*No Ladder*?(29)November-13-2013 12:19 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Great googlely-mooglely.

Hokay. So, here's what I posted on Reddit Diablo earlier this week:

For clarity (before anyone gets too crazy), we don't have any additional details or information right now about ladders in Diablo III. At this point, [ladders] are still something we're looking into and experimenting with -- i.e. in terms of how a ladder system might integrate into the game and mesh with features like Paragon, for example -- but not something that's confirmed 100%. We'd love to hear your thoughts/feedback/desires in the meantime.

In other words:

Posted by: DamienJohn

"Currently no plans for ladder" just means they are not ready to announce it yet. It's in no way an indication that they won't ever happen.

Nothing's been cancelled or scrapped. Also, keep in mind that nothing's been announced, either. Datamined information != confirmation. (Please keep that in mind.)

That said, we still would love to implement some sort of ladder system in Diablo III. As a noted over on Reddit, it isn't something that's confirmed yet (which is why we didn't talk about it at BlizzCon), but we still encourage players to share (or continue sharing) their thoughts and ideas about what they would like from that kind of system. We're listening.
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