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Our RoS Wishlist. <UPDATED 04/12/2013>(1)Category: Reaper of SoulsNovember-10-2013 7:38 AM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
EDIT: Updated with a few suggestions. Really nice thread thus far guys, keep em coming :)

So with Blizzcon having revealed a few...interesting details I must say I am getting excited about RoS.

That said, there are still a lot of things I'd like to see in the expansion, or changed from the original. I'm going to avoid too much discussion about story points (since I've been on a bit of a tear about those in my other recent threads) and so...

1) More events and redone existing events.

I love events as a concept, but was a little saddened by the wasted opportunity. We have a few neat ones, but mostly included in the first act. Jar of Souls, for example, is *epic*.
I would be extremely happy if existing events were tweaked a bit to make them a little longer, a little more interesting and a little more rewarding.

2) 'Purple' monsters being awesome.

Let them have more abilities, more hp, more damage and drop better loot when killed. Nothing quite like running into an interesting looking monster - and then promptly mowing them down for a pair of blue items.

3) No more yellow/blue glow on elites/champs.

I've mentioned this one before, but I would love to see a different way of distinguishing powerful enemies. Right now Blizzard buries cool and intimidating art assets in a blob of ugly glowy polygons.

4) More specialized builds possible.

I *hope* that we are going to see this with the new gearing, but I think more love could also be added through passives. What I mean by specialization is the ability to create a 'focussed' class that excels in one area.
For example, a pure frost wizard that does more damage with frost attacks at the penalty of being less effective with other spells (even if it's just having to gear/spec specifically for it). Or...say, a rocket focussed DH. Or a Sword focussed barb.
The current skill/rune system generally encourages 'Jack-of-all-tradesing' which doesn't appeal to me.

5) A survival bonus rather than a death penalty.

This seems to be a hot topic at present, and I personally love the idea of a stacking small buff to xp and mf based on...say...elite kills without dying?

6) *LOTS* of legendaries and sets to find.

I'm a bit of a packrat and one of the things that appeals to me in loot games is amassing a collection of cool and rare items. One of the greatest pities of D3 was that there just weren't all that many.

7) Being able to use our banners as forum avatars.

I still don't see why we have to use the awful D3 avatar if we want to post on our D3 accounts.

8) A way to unlock runes faster.

Perhaps give us an 'advanced' option after clearing the game once that allows us to unlock all runes on our skills from level 1. This adds a bit more variety to the leveling process, especially for us Ladder players.

9) A reason to explore.

Far to many 'cellars' are utterly useless and going into them is literally a waste of time. Add a few random spawns, unique monsters and events to these from time to time to give us a reason to drop in. Ditto 'side' dungeons. Perhaps a semi challenging 'purple' monster with a borrowed skill from one of the main bosses?

Since you are putting an emphasis on free roaming via Adventure mode, please don't be afraid to drop something surprising on us from time to time!

10) Please, please, please make the bosses like Belial.

No, not all of them need to be giants. But what I mean is epic multiphase fights that are challenging in a way that is not simply numerical. Give us stuff we need to dodge, spawners that need to be killed, adds that do something different...cool stuff.

11) Diminishing returns on trifecta.

I understand that you want to make these less attractive but I'm not convinced that other stats are going to cover it. I also think that caps are a little lame. Stats that scale off each other and and become more and more effective the higher you stack them is always going to be insanely powerful.
Something similar to how Dodge is treated or how Haste/Crit etc. is treated in WoW would be great.

12) Ladder from Day 1.

Yes, some people who have been bashing their heads against Paragon pre expansion are going to say that 'no, Ladder should be held back for half a year so we can enjoy our advantage without anyone having a choice of reset' ...but I think a lot of people are holding out for Ladder.

13) Make use of some of the wasted/unused tilesets like Leoric's Manor in events/rifts.

14) Stash Space

This is easily one of the most requested things I've seen so far. And don't cop out and make it a microtransaction :)

15) Please shut Malthael up.

We need a less talky bad guy this time around, not a talkier one.

16) Streamline the comparison system and allow us to compare items from stash.

17) Optimize the engine more.

There is no reason that a computer that can play Crysis 3 with zero issues drops below 30fps in multiplayer games.

18) Include the Nephalem Orbs mechanic from the console.

The Nephalem Glory buff in the Console version is incredibly fun. It not only makes the game more dynamic and fun, but also offers a unique temporary powersurge but also motivation to string together monster kills more quickly to take advantage of the buff. It is fantastic, and it revitalizes gameplay.[

19) Zero Proc Coefficient Abilities Modified / Critless Abilities 'removed'

Give every ability that currently has a Zero Proc Coefficient at least SOME proc coefficient. I understand some abilities become very broken when they have good proc coefficients, but there's no reason to make an ability not benefit from your specialized proc effects just because they'd be hard to balance.
Along the same note, the ability to have every ability to crit is important since over time you will get some crit chance and having an ability that doesn't scale at all with it really neuters those abilities.

20) More and Better Streak Bonuses

It'd be cool to have a streak for doing x amount of damage in y time, or for dodging x hits, or for surviving through x kills... etc. The streaks are really cool bonuses to see and it'd be awesome to see more of them.
Additionally, it'd be awesome if those bonuses were more meaningful. A noticeable exp bonus, a temporary MF boost, etc. And without needing a legendary(I know there's one datamined legendary with an effect based off of streaks) since these should feel like a meaningful accomplishment regardless.

21) Elemental Damage Offering Distinct Effects Regardless of Abilities

Now, I know this one is coming. But I wanted to just let Blizzard know that this is very important to me personally, and to add one additional aside...
Please make it so that things like the cold dmg slow and any other elemental effects aren't lost if you use an ability with a damage type. If I have cold dmg on my weapon, that shouldn't go away because I use fireball... elemental damage effects should NOT limit your skill choices.

Hellgate did this really well.

22) I'd love to see more uber events, or very hard challenges to tackle besides adventure mode.

Having the option to start focusing on overcoming a challenge would give more meaning to adventure mode as preparation instead of just farming for new stuff.

It would let us use the projected tons of builds that the legendaries and itemization allows. It would be good for the longevity of the game. Regardless of the different builds, we're still gonna be doing the same activity of killing monsters in adventure mode. While very exciting right now, like everything else it will start to become monotonous. More difficult challenges will fight that monotony.

I also want my heart to race moving through a stage where I know an uber can pop out and quickly roflstomp my face if I'm not prepared.

23) Crushing Blow needs a look. Right now as many MVPs and other players have demonstrated, this is worse than Trifecta and Lifesteal put together and becomes the only important stat due to silly hp scaling.

24) Please consider including the awesome 'Console Exclusive' features in the PC release. While the Mail system isn't really neccesary, the Gifting system would work beautifully as a small compromise on the BOA system and the Avenger system just sounds insanely cool.

25) Add some challenging content at the endgame that is not also farm content. Something for the ultra hardcores to bash their heads against without forcing everyone in there for the best farming.

26) Fix Demonhunter Snapshotting and Gearswitching. There is a reason you got rid of this for monks. It's an unfun and arcane mechanic that adds an extra level of logistical overhead to an already struggling class.

27) A defensive buff for demon hunters certainly couldn't hurt either. Math is showing them woefully behind other classes in ehp, even more so than on live.

28) Perhaps the 30% damage reduction buff for melee needs to be revisited. It looks like there is a lot more unavoidable damage in RoS. Rebalance damage accordingly.

29) Main stat bonuses for Paragon levels feel a little low. Honestly these could stand to be doubled and people would still choose skills from the other tabs.

30) Loot/XP rewards should not scale as high with difficulty. In fact, I think it's time to separate the 'Gear Seeking' endgame and the 'Challenge Seeking' endgame. More on this here:


31) Thunderstorm Affix may be overtuned. Quite a few reports of it unavoidably splatting people.

EDIT: First post capped, continued Below!

Fantastic suggestions all, keep em coming!
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My RoS Wishlist.(6)November-11-2013 4:34 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Hoo boy, this is gonna be a long one. Bear with me.

Posted by: Starbird

1) More events and redone existing events.

There are oodles upon oodles of really stunning events and "cellars" (as described in our Westmarch preview here) in Reaper of Souls. Events and randomized dungeons have a huge focus, especially with Adventure Mode and Nephalem Rifts, and a lot of older events are revisited in these features.

Posted by: Starbird

2) 'Purple' monsters being awesome.

The bosses that spawn at the end of a Nephalem Rift run are pretty unique and challenging, even more so if they decide to spawn while you're engaged with other monsters. Needless to say, fighting them is a very different experience and it brings its own set of compelling rewards.

Posted by: Starbird

4) More specialized builds possible.

One of many goals with Loot 2.0 is to encourage build diversity through legendary affixes. There's so many that just scream "Hey, give these runes or powers a try" when maybe you hadn't considered them before.

As an example, Wyatt stopped by the Community Booth to chat with players and mentioned a belt that (currently) causes Health Globes to explode for a percentage weapon damage when they're picked up. Just the concept of that makes me excited to tinker with my Barbarian's skills and see how I can best capitalize on that. Ultimately I will end up in a very different place well outside my comfort zone when I'm normally pretty stubborn in changing my ways. ;P

One piece of loot really can change the way you look at your character, and I'm really looking forward to seeing the kinds of builds the community comes up with as they experiment with the new legendary abilities.

Posted by: Starbird

5) A survival bonus rather than a death penalty.

This was mentioned at one of the Q&A's at BlizzCon. I believe it's something being looked at, though we don't have plans to share at this time.

Posted by: Starbird

6) *LOTS* of legendaries and sets to find.

Oh my goodness, there are so many. Like, so, so many. I don't math so good, so I don't have a number on hand, but between a slew of brand new items and revisiting and redesigning current legendaries, there will be so much to play with and collect! As a fellow pack rat, I'm looking forward to not just looting some powerful gear, but fun and quirky things too!

Posted by: Starbird

8) A way to unlock runes faster.

Hm. Interesting thought. Happy to pass it along.

Posted by: Starbird

11) Diminishing returns on trifecta.

Trifecta is being looked at. To quote Wyatt, "We don't want to take away trifecta, instead we want to provide you with more options." It's not always necessarily about making the most commonly used stats worse, but the ones that are less utilized better.

I think... if I put any more in this particular post, it might explode. =X
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My RoS Wishlist.(13)November-11-2013 5:59 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Nevalistis

The bosses that spawn at the end of a Nephalem Rift run are pretty unique and challenging, even more so if they decide to spawn while you're engaged with other monsters. Needless to say, fighting them is a very different experience and it brings its own set of compelling rewards.

Also, don't forget that we're adding quite a few more unique (i.e. purple) monsters to Adventure Mode as targets for Bounties! Mira Eamon and Jondar are just two examples of new uniques in the game. >.>
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My RoS Wishlist.(19)November-11-2013 6:48 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Those aren't new uniques -_- haha. Or do you just mean they're old uniques in a new location?

My question: do the purple uniques for bounties have revamped abilities/powers? Hopefully Mira Eamon won't just stand around and puke or w/e it is she currently does. Unless she's a lvl 1 easy-mode bounty. (that would be neat if Bounties themselves had random difficulty levels that were listed next to each one on the bounty-board...)

Technically, they are new in that they've been reworked for the Bounty system (they also won't always be where you encountered them originally). Same names, different experience! Let me follow up with Stephen Wong tomorrow and I'll be able to give you a few more detailed examples on how they differ. :)
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My RoS Wishlist.(46)November-12-2013 3:01 PM PST (9 years ago) Go to Blizzard forum post
Posted by: Honor

if by legendary affixes you mean affixes meant to change up specs found only on legendary pieces of gear.

There are definitely bonuses on non-legendary loot that will encourage this as well! I apologize if my statement didn't sound all-inclusive, but it is. You'll find things with percent bonus damage to specific skills like Bash or Energy Twister. The bonuses you find on Legendaries, however, will be much more specific, complex, and dare I say a bit cooler. Legendaries should feel Legendary, after all!

I think the Illusory Boots we presented this weekend are a great example – they give you the ability to move unhindered through enemies. It’s not a quantifiable bonus to your Damage or Toughness, but will still fundamentally change how you play. You might not feel you need as many escape buttons and can opt for some different choices as a result.

Then I read " Do you guys have any plans on expending stash space?
At this point - no. We're approaching the problem from a different point of view. We want you to use the items a lot more instead of keep the stuff. Salvaging items is a lot more useful now. We want to do a lot of things to make sure you don't keep a lot of gear."

There's inevitably going to be a balancing game between which Legendaries and Rares you decide to keep and which you decide to salvage or sell. However, remember that gear can be enchanted multiple times. I can imagine a world where you opt to enchant off one skill bonus for another, and then enchant it back if you decide you want to return to a particular style.

Legendary bonuses cannot be swapped out to my knowledge, though, so I do think there's room for a meaningful conversation about inventory management. I'll be sure to bring this up next meeting. =)

Posted by: Vourak

give them a try?!?! not we just made these extremely relevant?

Changes will occur to many existing skills as well, so "relevancy" is something that's being tackled from a different angle than just loot. It should be tough to pick which skill you want to use because they're all amazing and badass. I'm not normally a theorycrafter (because my grasp on numbers is pretty terrible), but with many of the upcoming changes, my brain is swimming in build ideas. I really can't wait to try them in practice!

Posted by: LaserCookie

I really would appreciate a sophisticated ladder-system.

There's a lot of feature exploration happening right now with the development team. We know this is something players want, and if we tackle it, we'll want it to be the best it can possibly be. It’s great to hear more specifics in this request, so please, continue to share them with us! While I know it can be a bummer that we don’t have details to confirm at this time, that just means we’re in a great place for your suggestions to help shape this kind of potential feature in the future.

Posted by: EchoPhase

One thing I would like to add is somewhere to quickly compare items in the shared stash with all your characters.

This suggestion has popped up in a few places. I'm pretty sure it's been passed on, but I'll double check.
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