Barbarian Passive Skills
LevelPassive SkillDescription

You deal 40% additional damage to enemies below 30% health.

10Pound of Flesh

Gain 50% additional Life from health globes.

13Nerves of Steel

Fatal damage instead reduces you to 15% Life. For 3 seconds afterward, you take 95% reduced damage and are immune to all control-impairing effects.

This effect may occur once every 60 seconds.

16Weapons Master

Gain a bonus based on the weapon type of your main hand weapon:
Swords/Daggers: 8% increased damage
Maces/Axes: 5% Critical Hit Chance
Polearms/Spears: 8% attack speed
Mighty Weapons: 2 Fury per hit

20Berserker Rage

You deal 25% additional damage while near maximum Fury.

20Inspiring Presence

The duration of your shouts is doubled. After using a shout you and all allies within 100 yards regenerate 2% of maximum Life per second for 60 seconds.

Your shouts are:
Battle Rage
Threatening Shout
War Cry


Each point of Fury spent heals you for 966 Life.

Heal amount is increased by 1% of your Health Globe Healing Bonus.


Increase all Fury generation by 10%.
Increase maximum Fury by 20.

Fury is used to fuel your most powerful attacks.


Reduce all non-Physical damage by 20%. When you take damage from a ranged or elemental attack, you have a chance to gain 2 Fury.

30Tough as Nails

Increase Armor by 25%.
Increase Thorns damage dealt by 50%.

35No Escape

Increase the damage of Weapon Throw, Ancient Spear, and Avalanche by 30% against enemies more than 15 yards away from you.


While below 35% Life, all skills cost 50% less Fury, Life per Fury Spent is doubled, and all damage taken is reduced by 50%.


As long as there are 3 enemies within 12 yards, all of your damage is increased by 20%.


The duration of control-impairing effects on you are reduced by 30%. In addition, whenever a Stun, Freeze, Fear, or Immobilize is cast on you, you have a chance to recover 20% of your maximum Life.


You no longer degenerate Fury. Instead, you generate 2 Fury every 1 seconds.

60Boon of Bul-Kathos

Reduce the cooldowns of your:
Earthquake by 15 seconds.
Call of the Ancients by 30 seconds.
Wrath of the Berserker by 30 seconds.

64Earthen Might

Gain 30 Fury when activating Avalanche or Earthquake.

66Sword and Board

Blocking an attack generates 6 Fury.


Increase Strength by 1% for 8 seconds after killing or assisting in killing an enemy. This effect stacks up to 25 times.

LevelPassive SkillDescription
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