Top Critical Hit Chance Characters

26-50 Characters
Critical Hit Chance - Softcore
Hero ClassBuildCritical
Hit Chance
Critical Hit Chance - Hardcore
Hero ClassBuildCritical
Hit Chance
48Gingenbre 70Witch Doctor58
48Écervelé70Witch Doctor58
48Navi70Witch Doctor58
48Wrathful70Witch Doctor58
48Killkilla (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Зеба70Witch Doctor58
48Mrpoison (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Dyingqq70Witch Doctor58
48петунья70Witch Doctor58
48Grizzly (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Lolitha 70Witch Doctor58
48Takamasa70Witch Doctor58
48Xxdarkyxx70Witch Doctor58
48Moox (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Evildead (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Whewt 70Witch Doctor58
48Xaaaa (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Ineedakukri 70Witch Doctor58
48Ayahuasca70Witch Doctor58
48Desync 70Witch Doctor58
48Szampartii 70Witch Doctor58
48Buckliger70Witch Doctor58
48Decay70Witch Doctor58
48Hardcorefloh70Witch Doctor58
48Freddy70Witch Doctor58
48Liliwany70Witch Doctor58
48Ivy70Witch Doctor58
48Giftkotz (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Blackjack70Witch Doctor58
48Olmaven70Witch Doctor58
48Leech70Witch Doctor58
48Moozzy70Witch Doctor58
48Brüno70Witch Doctor58
48Maheoo 70Witch Doctor58
48Killme70Witch Doctor58
48Nigdix70Witch Doctor58
48Myca (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48ОкиДоки (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Hcparkinson70Witch Doctor58
48Backupdoc70Witch Doctor58
48Hcdocone70Witch Doctor58
48June (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Anaru70Witch Doctor58
48Stalker (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Aurellia (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Evasinclair 70Witch Doctor58
48зуни70Witch Doctor58
48Mariebeback70Witch Doctor58
48Vudu 70Witch Doctor58
48Vanspooky70Witch Doctor58
48Sincopias70Witch Doctor58
48Drengist (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Yamaharone 70Witch Doctor58
48Anotherwd 70Witch Doctor58
48Dalagfukme 70Witch Doctor58
48Roofilztwo (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48小生有李 (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48恐魂 70Witch Doctor58
48Hoxxendekter 70Witch Doctor58
48Аляска (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Boss70Witch Doctor58
48Ingrid 70Witch Doctor58
48Zuljin70Witch Doctor58
48Loldevka70Witch Doctor58
48Ceres (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Witwebolte (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Bellona70Witch Doctor58
48Neytiri (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Kilikili (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Oxymort 70Witch Doctor58
48Saygoodbye (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Carpdaifan70Witch Doctor58
48УиглУигл 70Witch Doctor58
48Sheetdps70Witch Doctor58
48Tolmann70Witch Doctor58
48Markiza 70Witch Doctor58
48Mamazuzu (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Noname (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Santosik 70Witch Doctor58
48Mudak (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Pru70Witch Doctor58
48Gundula (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Masamune 70Witch Doctor58
48Niamje 70Witch Doctor58
48Fifi (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Queneth70Witch Doctor58
48ЗаепалоПадат (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Tobiteddy70Witch Doctor58
48Gross (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Zuljin (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Kyashan70Witch Doctor58
48Nihilus 70Witch Doctor58
48Aleksaa 70Witch Doctor58
48Deusex (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Misha 70Witch Doctor58
48Рахитка 70Witch Doctor58
48Rakeeshtarna (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Hamaca (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Sandraudiga 70Witch Doctor58
48Warmgrave 70Witch Doctor58
48Zadolbalo70Witch Doctor58
48Sorrow70Witch Doctor58
48Evil70Witch Doctor58
48Dman70Witch Doctor58
48Malediction70Witch Doctor58
48Skinny70Witch Doctor58
48Ate70Witch Doctor58
48Exile70Witch Doctor58
48вырубиБЕЛОГО70Witch Doctor58
48Vindalho 70Witch Doctor58
48Medicia70Witch Doctor58
48Candyman70Witch Doctor58
48Kara70Witch Doctor58
48Willow70Witch Doctor58
48Vortexa70Witch Doctor58
48Mithrandir70Witch Doctor58
48Cakeordeath70Witch Doctor58
48Trupes70Witch Doctor58
48Anbaff 70Witch Doctor58
48Teliko (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Gespenst70Witch Doctor58
48Eshu70Witch Doctor58
48Apophis 70Witch Doctor58
48Arefu70Witch Doctor58
48Ivy70Witch Doctor58
48Beastmaster70Witch Doctor58
48Illia70Witch Doctor58
48Mumbo70Witch Doctor58
48Endugutwo 70Witch Doctor58
48Ned70Witch Doctor58
48Granrbjo70Witch Doctor58
48Jezuz (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Niglips (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Itrynodie70Witch Doctor58
48Thatdoctor (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Onemanarmy 70Witch Doctor58
48Huraqu 70Witch Doctor58
48Winnetouch70Witch Doctor58
48Secondstrike70Witch Doctor58
48Nadir70Witch Doctor58
48Odin70Witch Doctor58
48Juicyj70Witch Doctor58
48Budgydoctor 70Witch Doctor58
48Ragequit70Witch Doctor58
48Spiritvessel70Witch Doctor58
48Аргант (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Ohemge70Witch Doctor58
48Trulla (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Zloyded70Witch Doctor58
48Saiclissaiii (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Airi 70Witch Doctor58
48Olgabolga70Witch Doctor58
48Missfluffy70Witch Doctor58
48Midoriplz70Witch Doctor58
48Упырь (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Xxxxxxxxxx70Witch Doctor58
48Calypso70Witch Doctor58
48Mampos70Witch Doctor58
48Bazinga70Witch Doctor58
48Beatcakes (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Diskonet70Witch Doctor58
48Caprica70Witch Doctor58
48Keitastico70Witch Doctor58
48Cortana (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Lynchmob70Witch Doctor58
48Dhatlaiss (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Garfield (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48АсяЕмДетей70Witch Doctor58
48Trench70Witch Doctor58
48Rrrr 70Witch Doctor58
48Luckyman70Witch Doctor58
48Katjusha70Witch Doctor58
48Toxic70Witch Doctor58
48Doggydoc70Witch Doctor58
48Yadrugo70Witch Doctor58
48Mommy (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Loki70Witch Doctor58
48Pogo70Witch Doctor58
48Gangrenka 70Witch Doctor58
48Lopata70Witch Doctor58
48Witch70Witch Doctor58
48Laaadiq70Witch Doctor58
48фетоогнепес70Witch Doctor58
48Elisenda 70Witch Doctor58
48Narpsen70Witch Doctor58
48Endugu (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Варлок70Witch Doctor58
48Loue70Witch Doctor58
48Chopper70Witch Doctor58
48Aerials70Witch Doctor58
48Collector70Witch Doctor58
48Donttemptme70Witch Doctor58
48Pekione 70Witch Doctor58
48Oboccanan (Dead)70Witch Doctor58
48Swayne70Witch Doctor58
48Justxdead70Witch Doctor58
26-50 Characters
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